'Twin Peaks' Revival 'Moving Forward,' Despite David Lynch's Remarks

Despite cryptic comments made over the weekend by David Lynch, Showtime's revival of "Twin Peaks" appears to be moving ahead as planned.

While in Australia, the filmmaker revealed "there are complications," and suggested he's unsure whether the much-anticipated third season will actually happen. He later underscored those doubts, saying, "we’re still working on the contract."

However, Entertainment Weekly reports Showtime seems unaware of any problems, noting the cable channel has already received the nine scripts, greenlit the miniseries and hired Kyle MacLachlan to reprise his role as Agent Cooper.

"Nothing is going on that’s any more than any pre-production process with David Lynch,” a source told EW. “Everything is moving forward and everybody is crazy thrilled and excited.”

Twin Peaks is scheduled to return next year, although whether Lynch will be behind the camera may be in question.

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