<i>Twilight</i>'s Hardwicke To Launch Another YA Movie Franchise?

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke is returning to Young Adult fiction, but this time she's swapping the angst and romance of the hit vampire franchise for something much more dystopian... Namely, mysteriously sealed environments in the future and the amnesiac children trapped inside.

Hardwicke is in negotiations to direct the movie version of The Maze Runner, the first of James Dashner's popular YA trilogy set in a future world where a boy wakes up with no memory in a place called The Glade, shut off from the outside world by a maze populated by monsters. The Maze Runner was published last year, and is now being adapted by 20th Century Fox. Hardwicke, who launched the Twilight franchise for Summit - including casting the core cast - before being dismissed by the studio, is currently directing Red Riding Hood, a Twilight-friendly retelling of the fairy tale.

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