Twilight Zone Extended Trailer Wants to Show You the Truth

In less than a week, the classic anthology series The Twilight Zone receives a new incarnation on the premium streaming service CBS All Access.

CBS has released an extended version of previous trailers showing much of its star-studded cast as they find themselves drawn into all sorts of fantastical stories, with decidedly sinister undertones.

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Among the fan-favorite actors seen in the extended trailer are Adam Scott, John Cho, Steven Yeun, Rhea Seehorn and more in standalone episodes, either as updates to classic episodes or featuring entirely new stories for the anthology series.

Among the old stories revisited in the trailer with a new twist are Scott noticing something out-of-this-world while on a flight, and Kumail Nanjiani as a stand-up comedian who makes his fame and fortune after making a deal with the literal devil, portrayed by Tracy Morgan. A new story glimpsed in the trailer is Cho as a politician beginning to question his perception of the truth as he is confronted with something beyond explanation.

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Executive produced and hosted by Jordan Peele, The Twilight Zone is slated to premiere on April 1 on CBS All Access, 60 years after the premiere of the original series on CBS.

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