"Twilight Men" Return With A 50-Cents Issue Zero

Official Press Release

Re-representing the first appearance of George T. Singley's super-hero duo, the Twilight Men issue zero will be available at the very low price of fifty cents - or if you're a UK comic fan, thirty-five of those English pennies.

In a marketing move to encourage new readers to Markosia's monthly titles, Publisher Harry Markos has promised comic fans that "Markosia is likely to repeat the launch of new creator-owned books at fifty cents if The Twilight Men issue zero release proves to be successful."

"It's been a great challenge for us to get readers to try our creator-owned books and we believe that introducing fans to something new at a very low price should help any series launch with a bang. The problem that we face is that comics are perceived to be expensive compared to what they were ten years ago. The average price of a comic then was around $1.25, and now it's around $3 - $4, almost three times the amount. We want to see for ourselves whether cheaper comics will encourage people to buy them, in the hope that print runs would increase and therefore benefit both readers and publisher alike."

"We want to continue publishing comics for as long as we possibly can, and we will try different approaches to see what works best. We've already made a small but significant impact into book stores around the UK and USA, but our main goal is to maintain a monthly schedule of US format comic series as mini series or ongoing series."

"I can guarantee readers and retailers that if this fifty cents issue zero is a success, we will continue to bring down the prices of our titles. We've come a long way in the past year since we've been publishing and we want to build on that success in the comic industry."

Twilight Men #0 is on sale in January 2007, 28 pages, full glossy cover and available to order in the October Previews.

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