TV's 'Lethal Weapon' Finds its Captain in Kevin Rahm

Kevin Rahm ("Mad Men") has boarded Fox's "Lethal Weapon" pilot as the LAPD's Captain Avery.

According to Deadline, Avery is described as "...successful yet humble...more politician than cop, dressing the part of top brass since his early days as Murtaugh’s partner. Avery, who paired up Murtaugh with Riggs, hoping the younger cop can put a little vigor back in Murtaugh’s career, enjoys the corner office that came with his recent promotion to Captain."

Rahm rose to fame as a cast member on "Mad Men," playing Ted Chaough in a recurring role for four seasons, and eventually as a regular in Seasons 6 and 7.

Damon Wayans Sr. has been tapped to play the iconic Det. Roger Murtaugh -- originally played by Danny Glover -- in the one-hour pilot. So far, the project has yet to announce its Martin Riggs, who was famously portrayed by Mel Gibson in the original films, and is the series' titular "Lethal Weapon."

From a script by Matt Miller, the "Lethal Weapon" TV pilot is being directed by McG ("Terminator Salvation"). Miller, McG, Dan Lin and Jennifer Gwartz are executive producing the project for Warner Bros. TV and Lin Pictures.

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