5 Safe TV Shows You Can Watch with Your Parents (& 5 That Will Be Uncomfortable AF)

For anyone who has a ritual of watching television with a parent over dinner, it might become more enticing to keep it simple by talking to them, instead. All the initial praise for Game of Thrones is not nearly enough for them to continuously sit through graphic sex scenes with their mom.

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Some relationships are maybe mature enough to simply brush off dramatic sex and violence, but that is not always the case. It might do well, then, to check out this list- 5 Safe TV shows you can watch with your parents and 5 that will be uncomfortable AF.

10 A Descendent to the Teen Titans- Young Justice (Comfortable)

Those who had wanted a sixth season for Teen Titans might have been initially disappointed to have Young Justice, instead. The reality, of course, is that Young Justice might be a better replacement for the 2003 series than Teen Titans Go. The show seemingly understands that viewers see animation as beyond campiness, and choose not to sacrifice storytelling in favor of shenanigans. The show may imply sex and occasionally show violence, so it seems to favor older, over younger, audiences.

9 The R-rated Descendent to The Simpsons- Rick and Morty (Uncomfortable)

Should Futurama be too much for your unamused mother, then you might want to steer clear of Rick and Morty. It’s hard enough to watch the show on a plane next to an old woman, without having to convince someone else to try it.

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The show does redeem itself with the complex plots that it manages to navigate in the story arch, but before getting there, you have to first delve into a lot of explicative jokes. You’re better off watching Futurama with your mom, really.

8 For the Adults that have Children- Avatar the Last Airbender (Comfortable)

The Last Airbender is seriously a Nickelodeon gem that offers more to enjoy on the network than just the usual SpongeBob SquarePants re-runs. The age difference between parent and child can sometimes mean that their tastes in media rarely ever meet. Nevertheless, the world-building elements, writing efforts, and humor in Avatar the Last Airbender certainly prove otherwise. It just goes to show that when the writing and art are taken seriously, animation can appeal to adults and children.

7 For the Adults that want to Scar Their Children- Doom Patrol (Uncomfortable)

Doom Patrol was one of the first shows to be included in the DC streaming services, and like many of the live-action shows that are on there, it is unapologetically mature. This is not to say that the show leans heavily into their rating for content, rather, it is only the appropriate label.

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The modern Doom Patrol in the comics is itself dark, and it would only be fitting that an adaptation would be dark as well. Don’t let a rating stop you from watching by yourself, though.

6 They Mean the Headpiece- The Crown (Comfortable)

From shows like Downton Abbey, Victoria, and The Tudors, there is rarely ever a shortage of television shows related to British aristocracy; and The Crown was certainly no exception. Regardless, though, the show is dynamic in examining the darker side to the heavy expectations for the state, and the precariousness of public relations. The level of sex and violence in the show is hardly worth noting, so it has the potential for shared viewing.

5 They Mean Something Else Entirely- The Boys (Uncomfortable)

It is hardly a surprise that an adaptation of The Boys would feature as much gore and sex as it did. To be honest, though, the show’s graphicness was far less shocking than the original source material.

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It would seem that in this adaptation disgusting sex was exchanged for an obscene amount of blood. The story is, nonetheless, engaging to follow throughout the on-going mess, so it's just about special effects.

4 Don’t Like Gilmore Girls? Try This- The Marvelous Miss Maisel (Comfortable)

The show Miss Maisel has a charm to it that few current dramas manage to accomplish in their own writing. Many of the performances by the actors in this show further cement this element. More than not, however, it is the protagonist that carries the show with her compelling wit. The most controversial that show has gotten, was with a scene featuring a naked male model. Still, as with most of these entries, this show was never meant to be watched by younger audiences. Dismissing this show, simply due to a couple of scenes, would really be a missed opportunity to enjoy good content.

3 Dirty Breaks to the Fourth Wall- Flea Bag (Uncomfortable)

Though this show doesn't include a fully naked man, it is neither one to flinch at the notion of on-screen sex, either. Although not everyone has an issue with watching a sex scene with a parent, it is nevertheless the case that shows like Flea Bag can test one's endurance.

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Yes, the show offers an exploration into internal discontent, and though it might not be as awkward as say Sex and the City, it still depends on the viewer's judgment.

2 Swearing but Good Swearing- Derry Girls (Comfortable)

In the end, it is perhaps best to stick with the simplicity of swearing, because, let’s be honest, it is much less uncomfortable to hear the f-word than to see it acted out. Derry Girls certainly proves true with the hilarious hodgepodge of Irish slang and cussing done by the main cast. What is perhaps even more captivating about the show, however, is the ability of the story to capture both the enticing chaos of the group as well as the love that is interwoven between them. Whether it is with a parent or not, Derry Girls is simply worth the watch.

1 Seriously, Do the Research for this- Black Mirror (Uncomfortable)

Anyone who watches Black Mirror is probably familiar with a varying exploration into dark themes of the human relationship with advanced technology. They would furthermore know how it is rare, though, for the show to not hold back regarding sex (even going so far as to entertain bestiality). Other components, such as the unlikeliness of a happy ending, risks darkening the mood. While the writing themes of the show are what matters the most, it is nevertheless bound to lead to an awkward situation. All in all, though, it is the viewer who has to decide what is comfortable or uncomfortable for themselves.

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