TV Shows: How Much Effort for a Second Chance?

The number of classic television shows that I've never seen an episode of is truly embarrassing. If you list any ten shows that 'most everyone lists as a great series, chances are I'll be lacking at least a couple from my personal viewing. Which leads me to wonder: How many people need to tell you to watch something before you'll finally do it?

I can't be the only one who has this problem. I've been thinking about it after the one-two punch of dropping Person of Interest after losing interest a few episodes in, and being told by more than one person whose tastes I admire that New Girl has surprisingly redeemed itself in later episodes after the truly dire pilot: What if first impressions actually suck, in the long term?

The problem is, of course, that there's too much television to watch and not enough hours in the day to watch it. I wish that I had time to try everything out for a reasonable chunk, but that's just not possible. So, I'm really curious: What does it take for you to give a show a second chance - or, for that matter, a first chance? Is it the number of people recommending it to you, or the quality of those people? And, for that matter, how long will you stick with something that you're not particularly enjoying, based upon someone's recommendation? Use the comments below and enlighten me.

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