TV's Flash, Grant Gustin, Reveals the One Marvel Character He'd Like to Play

Grant Gustin as Unmasked Flash

Grant Gustin may be making his name as The Flash on the CW, but as it turns out, apart from being the Scarlet Speedster, if he had the chance, he'd don another crimefighting costume. In fact, the actor's recent revelations may well stoke the fire between DC and Marvel fans because the one superhero from the Marvel Universe he'd love to play is the role of none other than Spider-Man.

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Speaking at a recent panel at ACE Comic Con Seattle, Gustin was asked which Marvel Comics character he'd be up for, that is if he wasn't racing into television screens as Barry Allen, and he indicated it would be the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler. “Spider-Man." Gustin replied. "I love Tom Holland, but Spider-Man. I love Andrew Garfield too, while we’re talking about it.”

While Sony has rebooted the Spidey franchise on a few occasions, the actor under the mask has usually been well-received, trailing back to Tobey Maguire. Given Gustin's knack for blending action with light-hearted comedy though, it's something fans can definitely envision.

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As it stands, with Holland currently receiving universal praise for his performances as Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it doesn't seem like Gustin will get his chance to be the web-slinger anytime soon.

(via ComicBook)

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