Tusk Entertainment announces limited edition art print series

Official Press Release

Tusk Entertainment announces that beginning in September 2001, they will be releasing a quarterly art print series based on various Tusk Entertainment properties. The first print to be released in this special series will be Kaos Moon: Erdenklang by David Boller.

"Being an artist first, there's nothing I appreciate more than a beautifully illustrated piece of art," said Kaos Moon creator David Boller. "And I can't tell you how many requests I've received over the years to produce a piece of art that is suitable for framing. So, we're going to go ahead and release a series of high quality art prints for the fans to enjoy. Naturally, the first one will be of Kaos Moon, but we might have a few other surprises coming up in the next few months. Who knows, if the demand is great enough, maybe we can produce some art prints for other creators as well."

Available in September 2001, this series will be limited to only 888 signed and numbered prints, contain a Certificate of Authenticity, measure 11x17 in size, be printed on high quality 80 lb. white enamel stock and retail for $19.95. To view Kaos Moon:Erdenklang, please visit www.tuskentertainment.com.

Source: Tusk Entertainment

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