"Turf" Concludes with Variant Covers by Gibbons and Kaluta

Official Press Release

The best vampire/alien/crime noir epic ever created comes to an end this April with the final issue of TURF, and comic book legends Dave Gibbson and Michael Kaluta are joining creators Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards to send the miniseries off in style.

"We've been super lucky so far to have some of our all time favourite artists provide us with incredible variant covers," proclaimed writer Jonathan Ross, "It's a blast to end the series on such a high, with Dave Gibbons showing us he's still on top of his game and the legendary Michael Kaluta delivering a classic iconic image... for Image!"

"TURF has been such a labor of love for me," added artist Tommy Lee Edwards. "It's really done for people who love comics, and created by people who love comics. I'm so lucky to have grown up a comics fan, and having Michael and Dave and Steranko, Stout, Chang, Lafuente, and all these artists I admire so much grace our covers has been a dream come true."

As one of the artists that will now join that impressive list, Michael Kaluta exclaimed, "I've run out of superlatives! Doing a cover for this book is like going to the Musee d'Orsay to draw from the Toulouse-Lautrec art: I can honor it in my heart and try my best to come up to its standard, but, in the end, I walk away in awe!"

In TURF #5, the final battle has begun. The recently swollen ranks of the Vampire Family commence their endgame in a quest for control over the streets of Manhattan. The city's cops are firmly in the family pockets and the roots of The First Vampire - The Bloodfather - are ready to be fed with a steady supply of unwilling sacrifices. The former gang boss Eddie Falco has decided to lead a group of reluctant heroes against this growing tide of supernatural horror. But when teamed with Samual Kane and his Uptown Racketeers, the half-human/half-vampire Dragonmir brothers and Squeed the alien, Eddie must face the sobering reality that, when the odds look this grave, such an awkward alliance can only last for so long.

TURF #5 (JUN100473, Kaluta Var Cvr JUN100474 and Gibbons Var Cvr JUN100475), a 40-page full color horror/noir/sci-fi comic book will be in stores April 27, 2011 for $2.99. For more information, visit www.TurfComic.com.

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