Tuesday Is The Day DC Decides To Blow Our Minds With #1's

It is not that the new ongoing series that DC has revealed already have been boring or anything, as they have not, but a goodly percentage of them were just the return of comics that were already being put out by DC (Birds of Prey, Detective Comics, Batman, Batman: Dark Knight, Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, etc.).

That changed with Tuesday's batch of #1's, with eight new titles, NONE of which were returning DCU titles, with only a handful of them having been ongoing series before at ALL! Not only that, but these are some top of the line creators doing some very interesting sounding new comics!

Let's take a look!

I won't lie, I was getting a little worried about Jeff Lemire. I think he's a fine writer, and I was like, "Hey, where the heck are the Jeff Lemire comics?" Well, today we see that Lemire is doing two new #1s, both Grant Morrison-inspired!

Animal Man...'

and Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE...

Just yesterday, Chad and I were discussing the idea of Peter Milligan being the guy who handled John Constantine in the DCU, and today we learn that's exactly what DC is doing! He'll be writing Constantine as a member of JLA: Dark, a collection of DC's magic characters in, well, their own Justice League type team.

The awesome Scott Snyder is getting another major push from DC after being given the writing duties on Batman #1 (which will sell like crazy since it has Greg Capullo drawing it). He's going to be writing the new Swamp Thing ongoing!

I presume Yanick Paquette is just doing the cover, but if he is doing interiors, too, watch out! That would be a can't miss comic! DC's The Source confirms that Paquette is, in fact, doing interiors (and apparently his own inks!)! WOW! Check out the Source for the full creative teams for each title.

Josh Fialkov and artist Andrea Sorrentino relaunch I, Vampire. I like Fialkov, so I am looking forward to this.

In two of the more surprising announcements, Abnett and Lanning are bringing Resurrection Man back!

And Ron Marz is bringing Voodoo to her own series!

Finally, Paul Cornell (another name that was conspicuously absent so far) is back with a book about a medieval team of heroes. Sounds good to me!

What a batch of comics!!

Although, seriously, DC, this has been a lot of of new comics so far, and not a single new female writer or artist on any of the new comics? Kind of weird. Hopefully we'll be seeing someone soon. It can't just be "Gail Simone and all guys," right? or "Nicola Scott and all guys," right? Also, I'm still waiting on Palmiotti and Gray, people! And apparently no Bryan Q. Miller?! What the heck?!

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