Tucker Stone sums up the decade in comics so you don't have to

We've already linked to Tucker Stone's decade-in-review piece for ComiXology. But I'm happy to do so again because of this elegantly simple three-graf summary of what the '00s meant for the various strands of North American comics. Seriously, top this, pundits:

Now, the meat of the piece ends up being, more or less, that critical discourse is irrelevant (this is a theme of Tucker's), and that the real movers and shakers of comics in the '00s were the readers who suddenly made a wide variety of modes of expression in this medium viable simply by buying and reading what they enjoyed. But if you ask me, Tucker's deadly accurate encapsulations of Marvel, DC, manga, alternative comics, reprints, artcomix, and webcomics sorta invalidate the argument that arguments are invalid. (The Criterion Collection comparison is a killer.) Read the whole thing -- including the rather glorious concluding list of good ol' fashioned good comics -- and see what you think.

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