Tsunami DotComic 'Sentinel' launches on Marvel.com

Official Press Release

It's Day 3 of TSUNAMI DOTCOMIC week, with writer Sean (The Waiting Place)McKeever & UDON's original new ongoing series SENTINEL in the Wednesdayspotlight.

A highly accessible new monthly series created to appeal to a wide audience,SENTINEL tells the story of Juston Seyfert, a downtrodden, disillusionedhigh school sophomore whose life is changed when he happens upon the ravagedremains of a mutant hunting, 30-foot tall engine of destruction.

"SENTINEL is a teen, sci-fi drama about finding your voice, learning tostand up for yourself, and discovering what it means to be a hero in the21st century," said McKeever.

"I'm pretty geeked about the opportunity for readers and retailers to get anadvance peek at SENTINEL before orders are due," the writer continued."Editor Marc Sumerak and I personally chose which pages to use for thedotComic, and we're confident that this attractive, heartfelt fantasy dramawill turn some heads."

McKeever is also helping out fans and retailers himself by providing evenmore SENTINEL advanced info - including preview materials, a discussionforum and more at his own website http://seanmckeever.com/sentinel/.

The special 9-page preview can be read right now athttp://dotcomics.marvel.com/lib/launchissue.php?issue=153&wsid=. SENTINEL #1goes on sale 4/2.Look for a new April TSUNAMI dotComic preview every day this week.

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