Trust Fall: New AfterShock Series Breaks the Superhero Mold

Aftershock Comics has announced a new crime series from writer Christoper Sebela and artist Chris Visions called Trust Fall that promises to break the mold as it dives into the world of superpowered heists.

Sebela and Visions will reunite after their 2014 BOOM! Studios series Dead Letters, with this new title detailing the journey of a young teleporter Ash Parsons and her criminal family. Ash's journey leads to her rebelling against them as she realizes they've been brainwashing and weaponizing her, creating for her a life devoid of freedom. As this happens, the family business begins to unravel and Ash, who can teleport objects but not herself, ends up endangered by the very same people she protected and made rich.

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"[...] Ash is their golden goose that lets them steal things they could never dream of and elevate them up thru the echelons," Sebela said in a statement. "They tell her where to go, teach her a narrative about the world so that nothing she does seems like a crime and they drug her to keep her under their thumb when she's not working. So when Ash begins to push back against this bubble, what she finds underneath it is not going to be pleasant for anyone involved."

With Dead Letters being a straight-up gunslinging and mystery drama, Sebela admitted he was excited to delve into some otherworldly territory with Ash and her ability here. "I always kinda wanted to do a book with powers in it. Not building a whole universe but just carving out my own little pocket world where one person can do this thing and if they're doing crimes with it? All the better," he added. "I like things where no one even knows what it is much less how to deal with it, brand new unknowns in a world full of knowns. There's a lot of mysteries going on in this book, and it's fun to figure out how it all fits together in a satisfying way. I like the singularity of building our own rules and consequences and all the people who live in it and all the different lives they're living."

TRUST FALL #1 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Full Color / ON SALE 06.12.19

  • Writer: Christopher Sebela
  • Artist: Chris Visions
  • Cover: Chris Visions
  • 1:10 Incentive Cover: Claire Roe
  • Ash Parsons was raised to believe she’s special. As someone with a quirk of genetics that lets her teleport things, she’s the golden goose of her family.
  • Her family is the foundation of a struggling criminal outfit trying to get ahead in the world and Ash is able to pop out whole fleets of cars and entire bank vaults. But while she can teleport valuables and her accomplices, she can’t teleport herself — making every job a trust fall with her family there to catch her and escort her to safety. It’s a perfect setup but as things begin to change and the Parsons move up in the world, Ash will find herself pushing back against her golden cage, with deadly results.

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Trust Fall #1 from Aftershock Comics goes on sale June 12.

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