Trump Chillingly Reimagined as Justice League's President Luthor

We're barely a week into his administration, and already President Donald Trump has drawn comparisons to such iconic comic book villains as The Joker and Bane. For the latest, we look beyond Batman's rogues gallery and Gotham City, to Superman's arch-nemesis and ... the White House.

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Addressing Trump's interview with David Muir of ABC News, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host Jimmy Kimmel last night described the president's comments as "downright menacing at one point," going so far as to evoke Lex Luthor.

"I know people have been saying Trump sounds like a supervillain sometimes," he explained, "but last night he sounded so much like a supervillain, we took his words, and we matched them up with a video from the 'Justice League' cartoon. Here's what happens when the Man of Steel meets the President of Gold."

The scene is, of course, from the classic 2003 "Justice League" two-part episode "A Better World," which depicts an alternate universe Luthor is elected president, and pushes the country toward a war that could destroy the planet.

In the original episode, the alternate Earth's Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman storm the White House, and the Man of Steel confronts Luthor, saying, "I let it get this far because of the law and the will of the people." President Luthor threatens nuclear war and taunts Superman as his "accomplice," which results in his rather abrupt, and quite permanent, removal from office, and the establishment of the Justice Lords as the rulers of the planet.

Watch the original "Justice League" scenes below:

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