Artist Fired For Trump Cartoons to Release Book Enemy of the People

Enemyof the People

A collection of the work of a fired political cartoonist Rob Rogers will be published by IDW.

The Pulitzer Prize winner was a 25-year veteran of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette before being unceremoniously fired earlier this year, purportedly because his cartoons were regularly critical of President Trump and his policies.

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Titled Enemy of the People: A Cartoonists Journey, the 184-page collection will be released Dec. 11 through the publisher's IDW Limited imprint. The collection include highlights from his last three years of work, two long-form comics by Rogers about his life in the past year, a guide to creating editorial cartoons, and essays from cartoonists and journalists about the importance of the First Amendment.

Cartoon by Rob Roger

“Satire is the ultimate expression of free speech," Rogers said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. "[It] reminds us that we live in a healthy democracy. But we are living in a time like no other in our country’s history, a time when the media is under attack, a time of extreme partisanship. We need satire and editorial cartoons more now than ever.”

Available for preorder now, Enemy of the People: A Cartoonists Journey will be released Dec. 11 from IDW Limited.

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