Artist Fired For Trump Cartoons to Release Book Enemy of the People

A collection of the work of a fired political cartoonist Rob Rogers will be published by IDW.

The Pulitzer Prize winner was a 25-year veteran of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette before being unceremoniously fired earlier this year, purportedly because his cartoons were regularly critical of President Trump and his policies.

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Titled Enemy of the People: A Cartoonists Journey, the 184-page collection will be released Dec. 11 through the publisher's IDW Limited imprint. The collection include highlights from his last three years of work, two long-form comics by Rogers about his life in the past year, a guide to creating editorial cartoons, and essays from cartoonists and journalists about the importance of the First Amendment.


“Satire is the ultimate expression of free speech," Rogers said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. "[It] reminds us that we live in a healthy democracy. But we are living in a time like no other in our country’s history, a time when the media is under attack, a time of extreme partisanship. We need satire and editorial cartoons more now than ever.”

Available for preorder now, Enemy of the People: A Cartoonists Journey will be released Dec. 11 from IDW Limited.

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