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True, Walking Dead…

by  in Comic News Comment
True, Walking Dead…

Especially, you know….

if you’re “the black guy.”

I’m just busting Robert Kirkman’s chops, because I know he’s really irked at the notion that there’s anything wrong with him killing off Tyreese. Says Kirkman, in the letters page of the latest issue:

Now, in the past, I’ve been raked over the coals any time I do anything to a minority character. It’s not fair, and we’ve discussed it to death in this letters column, so I’d just as soon not have to deal with it in the letters column for the next six months.

Forgetting the whole race thing, though, how the heck is killing Tyreese an example of “No One is Safe?”

Now, if he kills off someone like Rick’s wife or Rick’s kid, etc. next issue, then sure, we can talk. But Tyreese? He hasn’t been a major character in quite possibly years.

If Walking Dead was a TV show, I think all the viewers would be prepared for Tyreese’s death some time ago.

Still an issue left to actually kill someone surprising!!

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