<i>True Patriot</i> creators pitching in for Hurricane Sandy relief

The Canadian cartoonists who just completed a successful Indiegogo campaign to publish their homegrown superhero anthology True Patriot are back, but this time they aren't in it for themselves: They've just launched a second Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the Red Cross.

As the text on the Indiegogo page explains:

True Patriot is a comic book by Canadian creators with strong ties to the publishing community in New York City, with professional and personal contacts in New Jersey, as well as friends in other areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

True Patriot is a comic book about fictional heroes saving the day. We can be heroes too. Or at least help the real heroes on the frontlines like the Red Cross do their jobs for those in need.

The fund-raising goal is a modest $1,000, and the nice thing about Indiegogo is that the sponsors get the money whether or not they reach their goal. And you can do well by doing good: The premiums include copies of the DC Family Dynamic miniseries, signed by J. Torres and Tim Levins; a set of Digger comics, autographed by writer Jack Briglio; the graphic novels Two Generals and The Three Thieves: The Captive Prince, signed by Scott Chantler; an autographed copy of Friends With Boys, by Faith Erin Hicks; and Skype chats with creators, as well as lunch with Torres at Five Guys in Toronto.

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