True Lies Series Reportedly In Development for Disney+

James Cameron's 1994 action-comedy True Lies is apparently being rebooted, albeit as a television series for Disney+.

While speaking with ColliderCharlie's Angels director McG shed some light on the long-gestating project, saying, "Well right now my new thing for television is I’m doing True Lies at Disney+. Which is exciting. I’m writing that one, which is very exciting, because I’m so passionate about that story where you think you know your partner but you don’t."

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The original True Lies film starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a mild-mannered father and husband who lived a double life as a covert operative for a U.S. counter-terrorism task force. However, his two worlds collide when he learns his wife (Jamie Lee Curtis) may be having an affair with a used car salesman as terrorists are smuggling nuclear weapons into the country.

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McG didn't reveal whether Schwarzenegger will return to the series. However, it sounds as though the door is open.

"There’s talk of that," he said. "It’s largely rebooted but there may be a spot there, we’ll see."

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Disney+ is scheduled to launch November 12.

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