'True Detective' Trailer: Memories of McConaughey

The so-called "McConnaissance" continues later this month with True Detective, a new HBO series starring Woody Harrelson and (you guessed it) Matthew McConaughey. The two actors are at the heart of the new eight-episode drama, directed by Cary Fukunaga, about a pair of detectives and their 17-year search to find a serial killer in Louisiana.

If the premise and talent involved aren't enough to rope you in, HBO has released a new True Detective trailer that pulls the curtain back a bit on Harrelson's Martin Hart and McConaughey's Rust Cohle, both of them broken and beaten individuals for all kinds of reasons. The trailer is narrated by Michelle Monaghan, who plays Marty's wife Maggie — but it appears she has some deep ties to Rust, as well.

True Detective premieres on Jan. 12.

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