<i>True Blood #1</i> arrives in comics shops, San Diego and in iTunes

IDW Publishing's comic adaptation of HBO's True Blood will arrive in comic shops today and can also be purchased at their booth tonight as Comic-Con International kicks off. And it can also be downloaded from the iTunes store as its own application for $2.99 right now.

The app works on both the iPhone and iPad, and includes all of issue #1. It also asks if you'd like to be notified when the rest of the mini-series is available. According to a press release from HBO this morning, it is also available in the Sony PSP Digital Comics shop.

The release of the application adds IDW to the list of publishers who have released comics digitally at the same time they hit comic shops. -- or, actually, before they hit comic shops; apparently the True Blood comic became available on iTunes on July 19. I received some clarification ... the date listed on iTunes is the date it was cleared by Apple; the application became available today.

If you're curious to see what the comic looks like, check out the preview after the jump.


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