Troy Nixey and Oni Press go fishing for "Trout"

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[Trout]This October will mark the return of Troy Nixey to one of his most beloved and most surreal creations. TROUT, a new, two-issue series published by Oni Press, features the odd little boy of the same name who was previously featured in DARK HORSE PRESENTS.

"It's exciting to be coming back to do a character that is such a big part of me," Troy Nixey commented. "With BATMAN and THE SIMPSONS dominating my time lately, I was really anxious to get back to something that was 100% my work and my voice."

"I discovered Troy's work through Trout's initial appearance in DHP," added series editor James Lucas Jones. "In an anthology that at the time was featuring fan-favorite creators like Evan Dorkin, the Pander Bros, and Art Adams, Troy's work still stood out as different and intriguing. When the opportunity arose to work with Troy on this homecoming of sorts, I knew it was a project I wanted to be involved in.

TROUT is one boy's journey through a world where the rules of reality are chucked out the window. He lives in a place where dreams and souls can be stolen with ease and evil can take on even the most innocent form.

"I know people have always seen some kind of fictional bad blood between Troy and us," said Jamie S. Rich, editor in chief of Oni Press. "The truth is, while JENNY FINN didn't work out for either of us, we've been able to remain friends through all of it. When Troy decided to return to the world of TROUT, we knew it would be a natural fit."

"TROUT is a peculiar type of book," Nixey concluded. "It's good to be back with a publisher willing to take chances. It's good to be back at Oni."

TROUT will be published monthly, retailing for $2.95. Each issue contains 32 black-and-white pages and a cover by Nixey and colorist Dave Stewart. The first issue ships to comic book stores on October 31, 2001, just in time to make Halloween just a little bit creepier.

Source: Oni Press

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