Troy Baker is DC's LEGO Batman, But Says Kevin Conroy Will Always Be His Batman

Voice actor Troy Baker is no stranger to Batman, having lent his vocals to the Dark Knight, the Joker, Two-Face and more across numerous DC Comics-based animated movies and video games. Having staked his claim to the LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes franchise's take on Batman, Baker recently completed his work on "LEGO DC Super Heroes -- Justice League: Cosmic Clash" as the Dark Knight reluctantly teams up with the League to take down Brainiac.

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At New York Comic Con, CBR TV's Kiel Phegley welcomed regular guest Troy Baker to the world famous CBR Tiki Room to discuss his latest outing as Batman, how he discovered he play the role and what actor he still lives in the shadow of every time he steps into the booth. He also talks about how much fun the LEGO DC movies are, particularly for their ability to pull from various versions of DC continuity and have fun with an audience that's also in the jokes.

On how Baker first discovered his Batman voice:

Troy Baker: This is what I love about these things. Everyone who's on this, we all grew up being nerds. We all skip on our way to work because we're so happy we get to get paid for something we would do for free. [Whispers] Don't tell that to Warner Bros... But these are a bunch of nerds and a bunch of fans that get to do a lot of fan service. So for me, especially growing up watching "Batman: The Animated Series," what Kevin [Conroy] did with it, which always will be my Batman. Even with Mark Hamill, that's my Joker. I think everyone kind of has their own internal Dark Knight or Joker -- there's a lot of you out there, I know -- so I don't know. I'm fortunate enough that whatever my [Laughs] my Batman sounds like fits within the LEGO Universe. That's what I love, our Batman, he's Batman. He's not like, "I'm a version of Batman." He is Batman. So we just get to have a lot of fun with it.

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On having fun with the story and hinting at its in-jokes using only his voice:

Everything is gonna present its own unique challenges no matter whether it's comedic, dramatic, whatever. But it's the old stage adage that if it ain't on the page, it ain't on the stage. And that's very, very true. We have a great script, we have great writers -- and we also have Jim Krieg... No one? Okay, cool. [Laughter] We have a great team of people that understand how to execute this within the LEGO Universe. And the thing I love about LEGO, we have the ability -- the benefit that a lot of people don't when they're trying to create their own universe, especially within comics, which is vast, the DC Universe is huge -- to be able to pull from all of the things that people go, "Ahhhh, I remember that." So we get to pull from the comics, we get to pull from the Nolan movies, we can pull from the Burton movies, we can pull from the series, we get to pull from "Batman: The Animated Series." We get to pull from all of these beautiful things and do exactly what you're talking about, which is wink to the audience and hit not only the five year-olds, but the 50 year-olds, too. So it's really something that -- and I know a lot of parents that watch these with their kids, and a lot of parents that just watch these on their own -- I'm almost 40 and these are the things that I love to watch, too. So the challenge with that is to not take yourself too seriously and to remember that we're just kind of doing fan service for something that has a lot of fans.

On how a lone wolf like Batman works opposite the Flash and the rest of the Justice League:

[Batman's approach is] "everyone has their task, just do your task and let me basically be the one who saves the day." This is the cool thing about every one of these LEGO movies is it's taking one particular thing that you find in the DC Universe, which, you know, Batman reluctantly joins the Justice League, he wants to be this lone warrior and everyone else is really on board with being a team. And each one of these things, it's a really interesting way that we do this, they always find out that they're better off as a team than they are apart. And Batman's always the one that's like, "I guess this time you're right, but not next time. Okay, this time you were right as well, but not next-- Okay, you're proving your point." Being able to show the camaraderie, I think that's something that's a lot of fun within this world. Especially with Flash, he's just a punk. [Laughs]

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