Tron: Legacy Director Signs On To Bring Disney To Oblivion

Disney has to be pretty happy with Tron: Legacy; the House of Mouse has just signed up director Joseph Kosinksi's newest project, a futuristic sci-fi romance called Oblivion.

Kosinksi's Oblivion - in which a repairman finds a crashed spacepod on an irradiated future Earth, with a beautiful woman inside - is a project that the director created for Radical Publishing, who'll be publishing a comic version of the story by Arvid Nelson and Andree Wallin this fall. Other studios were circling the property, but Disney sealed the deal with a figure that's being called "one the largest rights deals of the year", keeping Kosinski in the Disney family even after his planned remake of the studio's The Black Hole.


Tron: Legacy will be released this December.

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