Tron Guy Banned From Seeing Tron: Legacy As Tron Guy

It's the Tron story that no-one wanted to read: Jay Maynard - better known to the internet at large as "Tron Guy" - was told that he couldn't watch Tron: Legacy while wearing his homemade Tron outfit. Is this not America?!?

TMZ, of all places, has the scoop: Maynard apparently gave a heads-up to his local theater that he planned to wear the costume that made him nerd-famous during a screening of the new Disney sequel, only for management to "adamantly" insist that, if he did so, he wouldn't get in. No reason was provided for the ban, but Maynard himself believes it's because the outfit would be "too distracting" for other moviegoers - My bet is that theater management were worried that everyone would realize they preferred Maynard's version to what was on-screen.

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