Triumph Motorcycles Sponsors World's First Digital Graphic Novel

Official Press Release

Triumph Motorcycles is proud to be the official sponsor of The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore, the world's first graphic novel for digital consumption.  

A brand new concept, The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore is a computer-generated graphic novel, starring British actor, Colin Salmon, in the lead role (Bond, AVP: Alien vs. Predator, Resident Evil, Prime Suspect 2) and features an original soundtrack by European star, Steve Hart, the lead singer of Worlds Apart.  

Designed specifically for download onto the iPod and PC, The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore combines comic book illustration, with 3D animation, live action photography, newsreel archive and an original music score.  The project pushes the boundaries of the graphic novel genre to the next level and creates an entire new form of media and fan generated content in the process.

The website, www.jonasmoore.com   includes free downloads and previews from the upcoming trilogy production.   This will be followed by an exclusive podcast with the director and actors, along with a specially edited director's cut, both scheduled for June '07. Extended three-minute previews will also be released throughout   May '07.

Fans are invited to become part of the journey by downloading the Jonas Moore digital elements and animating their own stories or creating comic book adventures for Jonas Moore.  Garage bands and musicians all over the world are also invited to strip out the music and send in their own soundtracks.  The best fan generated comic books, animations and soundtracks will be posted at www.jonasmoore.com for fans to judge and a lucky few will invited to become a character in the full production.

The recently launched Triumph Tiger 1050 with its powerful build and sharp appearance makes it the obvious choice for inclusion within the novel. The combination of a relaxed riding position and supple suspension along with a fuel-injected, three-cylinder tractable torquey engine makes this versatile motorcycle the perfect ride for the lead character, Jonas Moore.

"Triumph is pleased to be supporting this project. The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore is an exciting, new and innovative concept and is a great way to reach and engage with a new audience.   As an iconic brand with over 200 years of history, Triumph fits perfectly with The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore – a journey that takes its user through different environments across several decades". Said Triumph's commercial director, Tue Mantoni.

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