Tripwire reaches its 20th anniversary, could do with your help

As a pal tweeted just the other morning, the problem with all the great Kickstarter-type projects out there is that although they're worthy and you wish you could contribute to all of them, eventually it starts to feel like you're being bombarded by charity collectors in the street. Hey man, there's a recession on, I've got my own kids to feed!  That said, it seems to me a real shame when the great Joel Meadows is tweeting that it looks unlikely his plans for a high-end hardback edition of his Tripwire 20th anniversary book won't reach its target for pledges (check out the massive gallery of preview images below).

Twenty years is a hell of a milestone, as anyone who has ever worked on even one issue of a fanzine or a self-published comic will tell you.  In that 20 years, Meadows has established himself as one of the best comics interviewers in the business, which is probably why the list of people who've agreed to talk to Tripwire reads like a who's who of the artform's A-list. He's also clearly quite adept at persuading the biggest and best artists to contribute art and covers for his books. He's been running an image a day from the magazine's past on his blog Walls and Bridges for a while now, with work from Frank Quitely, Mike Mignola, Frank Miller, Tim Sale, Howard Chaykin ... an abundance of riches.

As I say, it'll be a shame if the hardcover doesn't come out, and I hope we all go and pledge right now, but if budgets are tight in these cash-strapped times, there will be a softcover edition available through Diamond (Previews 286, on pg362 ITEM No JUL121370, cover price £14.99/whatever that is in your crazy U.S. dollars). Highly recommended.

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