Trinity Sounds Like a Well-Planned Concept

I gotta say, the more I hear about Trinity, the more I think DC is going to have itself quite a popular book on its hands.

Whether folks like Mark Bagley's art much or not, at the very least, the man is a capable comic book artist who is not going to hurt the comic, and the consistency of having every issue drawn by Bagley will help immensely, I feel, in the coherence of the comic book. Plus the idea of a year-long story starring Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman as they travel through the DC Universe, with backups featuring the characters they interact with (that also tie into the main story)?

That's just a great sales concept.

Unlike 52, which took some time to get rolling, this book already has a great hook of the bat - it's Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in a book together set in the entire DC Universe!!! It will allow Busiek to introduce new characters, and it will allow him (and back-up story co-writer Fabian Nicieza, which is another nice consistency bonus) to explore various other DC heroes as well.

Trinity could be really good, as Busiek has produced some excellent comic books. It could also be pretty ordinary, but at the very worst, it is a well-planned concept that I think will be a significant sales success for DC in 2008.

By the by, quick aside/Countdown mocking, check out this great Busiek quote:

Each time DC does a weekly, they want to do it differently. '52' was about a world without the heroes, 'Countdown to Final Crisis' is building up to an event about the heroes and 'Trinity' is about the heroes. Front and center.

Hmmm...so wait, the one that doesn't really have a concept beyond "leading up to a crossover" turned out to be the BAD one? Shocking!!

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