TRINGENUITY 52: Trinity Commentary

"The cards forecast interesting times in store of all of them." - Charity

Welcome to TRINGENUITY, CBR's ongoing commentary of DC Comics' weekly superhero series, "Trinity." The title is divided into two features; the first focuses on Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, while the second feature portrays background or tangential events that relate to the ongoing lead storyline. "Trinity" is a weekly series that is promised to be epic in scale and help define the trio of heroes' mythical place in the DC Universe.


The Worldsoul, empowered by the stolen creation energies of Krona, began to affect repairs on Earth. As the world was mended, the impact to the residents of Earth was catastrophic, with natural disasters running wild. Traveling to the four corners of the globe, Earth's heroes united to save as many lives as possible. In the arctic, the remaining members of the Troika slugged it out as Despero and Morgaine attacked Enigma and then turned on each other. The return of the Trinity ended the conflict and a plan was developed to save Enigma and his daughter Stephie. As the Trinity expended the last of their borrowed power to remove Krona's abilities, the Crime Syndicate chose to attack.


Celebrating their victory, Earth's heroes look back on the final scenes of this world-changing event. From the relative safety and quiet of Keystone City, the heroes recall the return of the Crime Syndicate to the Anti-Matter Earth after being faced with a reunited team of heroes. Elsewhere in the world, Tomorrow Woman takes to the skies in Los Angeles, as does Gangbuster in his newly-awarded sky-sled. He and Tarot have their own happy ending, resolving to help others together, while the Dreambound get a good ending of their own, having been cleared of all charges with the help of the Justice League and preparing to set of on adventures of their own.

Of all those met during these recent adventures, the fates spelled out the worst for the villains, as the Green Lanterns lock down Despero and his armada, and Morgaine is captured and bound by her archenemy, the heroic sorcerer Jason Blood. Konvikt seeks out a chance to restore his honor, pledging himself to the family of the man he accidentally killed, although his choice results in his swearing fealty to a mob boss. And while Kanjar Ro is lucky enough to escape capture, Krona is not so lucky, having been transported back to the dawn of time, where he is captured and imprisoned by the high priests of Kellel, Dinanna, and Atmahn.


Brian Eason: What a wonderful ride. Before we begin I have to say I am thrilled with the conclusion of the series on several levels.

Justin Eger: As am I. This has really been a great book that has touched upon almost every facet of the DC Universe, and really has been one of the best books out there.

BE: And this marks almost three years of us doing weeklies as a team.

JE: Yes, way back during the classic "52," and all through "Countdown." That's a lot of issues.

BE:  And I've enjoyed every minute of it.

JE: As have I. I hope we can continue in the near future, as well. Perhaps our readers have suggestions for what they might like to see from us?

BE: For now, though, we've got this last roundup. We start out, essentially, where the series started out, the Trinity having a get-together in Keystone City.

JE: Leave it to the Trinity to realize that everyone needs a chance to share in what has happened.

BE: As the series has pointed out, the Trinity lead the way and set the example. 

JE: Though there are a lot of different concerns among the gathered heroes, beyond just a chance at relaxation.

BE: What has become of the world and the people in it? Where have Krona and the Troika gone? 

JE: Which are certainly proper concerns, and we get to see every answer.

BE: Excellent storytelling here - all flashbacks.

JE: I thought this was a great way to handle all the plot points left over from the end of the book.

BE: Less of a climax and more of a denouement.

JE: Precisely. It was a very fond send-off for the cast of characters, many of whom were not even directly involved with the Trinity.

BE: But everyone gets closure. 

JE: We do really catch up with everyone over the course of the issue, starting with where we last left off.

BE: It's so easy to manipulate the Crime Syndicate. They are so driven by their baser instincts.

JE: I liken them to a wolf pack. They see weakness and they strike when it is in their best interests. Anything in particular you saw stand out?

BE: One of their baser instincts would be fear.

JE: Definitely. Despite the bravado, they know that they couldn't take the Trinity in a fair fight. And when the odds turn against them, it's time to go.

BE: As the Anti-Trinity, they are cowards at heart, just as our Trinity is courageous.

JE: Nicely put. A vision of opposites that I don't think has been pointed out all too often. We normally focus on the CSA's more aggressive nature.

BE: I love it. Steffie is the Void Hound now.

JE: Partnered with it and her father as the Anti-Matter Earth's own dynamic duo.

BE: I hope that Kurt Busiek revisits them again.

JE: It's a fair request, I would think. He really brought Enigma into his own, rather than having him be a simple knockoff of the Riddler.

BE: From Quizmaster to Enigma and with far more power than he started with. Does anyone like Nemesis?

JE: I find Nemesis to be a compelling character. Why do you ask?

BE: The comment by Eddie to Wonder Girl "And Wonder Woman's really going out with him?"

JE: Ah, yes. But as the teenagers might not understand, it takes a powerful man to net the fierce heart of an Amazon.

BE: Morgaine finally gets hers.

JE: And thank you, dear writers, for using one of our favorite mystical characters to handle the situation: Jason Blood.

BE: With some sort of mystical trap. Nicely done. 

JE: That Jason plans to keep that trap and use it as a bookend in his home is priceless. He's had his own run-ins with Morgaine, as I'm sure you remember.

BE: Both made their first appearance in Jack Kirby's legendary series "The Demon."

JE: One of the best, in my opinion. The first issue is a centerpiece to my personal collection.

BE: And we have a nice showing for the Green Lantern Corps.

JE: Packing off all the villains in Despero's armada is a big job.

BE: That sneaky weasel Kanjar Ro gets away again. I hate to admit that I admire his ability to get out of trouble.

JE: I admire it second only to his ability to get into trouble. I have a feeling it won't be long before we see him again.

BE: The Tarot theme makes a final appearance as Charity draws three cards.

JE: Looks like The Hermit, The Lovers, and The Wheel of Fortune. A nice representation for a few other members of our cast, starting with Konvikt.

BE: Looks like we'll be seeing Konvikt again. Sadly, his honor seems to have taken him into the service of another unworthy.

JE: Xaltan Xor with a mob boss is a recipe for trouble. But it is also good storytelling.

BE: Looks like Jose and Tarot finally get their happily-ever-after.

JE: I thought it was a nice way to wrap things up. They get together, and they decide to keep helping others.

BE: Maybe in a Busiek-written series?

JE: Or one by Fabian Nicieza, since he spent a good deal of time with them over the course of the series in the second features.

BE: You got your wish with the Dreambound.

JE: Cleared of all criminal charges and off to find new adventures. That looks like a new book in the making (or at least a secondary feature!)

BE: Busiek has given us lots of potential spinoffs.

JE: And there's at least one more we have yet to mention.

BE: One aberration in the reconstruction of Earth, where you get your wish again with the return of Tomorrow Woman, and this time as a human.

JE: And as a television journalist, to boot. Tomorrow Woman was always a beloved character, and it's nice to see her get a chance to get back into the comics.

BE: The "original" Trinity get their two-cents.

JE: This was one of the better moments in the book. It wasn't just a wrap-up, but a real retrospective on what it means to be a hero in the DC Universe.

BE: If anyone knows, it's Alan Scott, Carter Hall, and Jay Garrick. 

JE: They've lived it all, as they say, from World War Two through the current generation, though carter has certainly lived even more than that.

BE: The Trinity and the Companions get their closure.

JE: Another nice touch: we get a glimpse inside the heads of Bruce, Diana, and Clark, to see what made them tick while they were being gods.

BE: And things come full circle as Krona returns to the "aliens" and we see the birth of a New Earth, or is it an old one?

JE: Good question, but it looks like we've gotten the answer to one of the longest lingering questions of the series. The Trinity was taken back to the dawn of time, and, in turn, helped shape the world into the one they protect today.

BE: Flawless conclusion. 

JE: Very fitting, but we also have a nice parting shot of our heroes and their friends.

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