TRINGENUITY 51: Trinity Commentary

"No place like home." - TVM.

Welcome to TRINGENUITY, CBR's ongoing commentary of DC Comics' weekly superhero series, "Trinity." The title is divided into two features; the first focuses on Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, while the second feature portrays background or tangential events that relate to the ongoing lead storyline. "Trinity" is a weekly series that is promised to be epic in scale and help define the trio of heroes' mythical place in the DC Universe.


Krona destroyed the Earth and extracted the Worldsoul. What followed was an education in cosmic entities as Krona finally was able to ask the scientific questions he longed for. The Worldsoul revealed to Krona what it is to be a cosmic consciousness. She showed him that existence is all that matters, that there are no great secrets. This answer infuriated the mad Oan and as he was prepared to destroy the Worldsoul, the Trinity returned. The Worldsoul reminded the Trinity that their power lies in unity. The Heroes captured Krona again, along with the Worldsoul. We ended the issue with the world returned to existence, though reality was not yet set right.


With the power of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman acting as a conduit for the energy stolen from Krona, the Worldsoul begins repairing the damage done when she was ripped from her home at the center of the world. The Earth begins to mend, but repairing the damage is still almost catastrophic at a street level. Heroes dispatch to the worst areas, but even as they work to save lives, the planet begins to realign. A daughter is returned to her family, but Bigger Melvin returns to the grave, and Tomorrow Woman is among those missing. Howver, other heroes, like Sun-Chained-In-Ink and John Stewart, are restored.

Back in the Arctic, Morgaine and Depero turn on each other, plotting to murder the still-exposed Worldsoul after first dispatching Enigma. However, the return of the Trinity halts the combat and puts into motion a plan to save Enigma's life, uniting the soul of his daughter, Stevie, with a mysterious entity who can take her father home. But even as the Trinity uses the last of their power to strip Krona of his own abilities, the returned and now exhausted Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman (along with Gangbuster, Tarot, Charity, and Lois Lane) are faced with a new threat: a fresh and ready Crime Syndicate of America.


Justin Eger: God, I love it when I'm right.

Brian Eason: Please, tell us what you got right this time.

JE: Sorry, that sounded terrible, didn't it? Last week, I mentioned my thoughts that the eruptions and generally bad sounds we saw in the Arctic were being caused by the restoration of the Earth's pieces.

BE: And you were quite correct.

JE: I know, and I love it. But even though mending the planet looks easy, there are a lot of ramification on the ground.

BE: In the face of that, the Worldsoul is dispatching the Heroes where they are needed most.

JE: Across the world, heroes are at battle with the earth itself.

BE: At key locales that we saw in the battle between the Justice and Dark Arcana.

JE: Very observant. Looks like we've got Russia, Paris...

BE: Gotham, Los Angeles, and many others.

JE: Too many for just the few heroes around the world. Everybody looks spread pretty thin. Despite some things getting set right, other people are lost as the world reasserts its own natural order.

BE: Charles Melvin is dead, for instance.

JE: While the little girl lost to the monsters, Dina, is resurrected.

BE: A little happiness in all the tragedy.

JE: And no one knows that happened to Tomorrow Woman. Thoughts?

BE: Hopefully she will have survived.

JE: Green Lantern and Tempest - I feel like I've just walked into an issue of "Brave and the Bold."

BE: This is the series that brought us the Hawkman/Gangbuster team-up. Are you surprised?

JE: I really shouldn't be, but I love good, unexpected team-ups, so let's call it a pleasant surprise. We already knew that Tarot remained in the Arctic when the spell containing Krona was broken. Now we get to see what happened to the other two components of the spell.

BE: Sun-Chained-In-Ink was sent to New Zealand (where he was originally found).

JE: Looks like Sun's friends came looking for him.

BE: I like that. The Dreambound have come out of this to the better -- so far.

JE: We're pretty close to the end of the story. That could mean we get a decent wrap-up and a new chance at life for these characters.

BE: Kurt Busiek is always good for a solid ending and loves to bring characters back.

JE: I don't think it's too much of a stretch to think that some, if not all, of these characters will be back soon. The DC Universe is a much richer place with them in it. Okay, well, it looks like we have at least part of the third focal-point: John Stewart is alive and free of the Void Hound.

BE: And through their bond, the Void Hound learned something.

JE: John isn't quite sure what it is, but it sounds like a lesson from the Batman playbook.

JE: Should we really be surprised that Despero and Morgaine turned on Enigma?

BE: No. They are both petty dictators who will stop at nothing to get what they want. But Enigma seems through with them.

JE: Much to his own detriment.

BE: Good, sadly, never triumphs among the people of Anti-Earth. Despero stabs Enigma, literally, in the back and the wound looks mortal.

JE: Surprising, considering how powerful Enigma had been not so long ago. Do you think his power was stripped away when the Trinity reasserted themselves into the world?

BE: I think that much of the creation energies have been expended or changed and Enigma is holding of to only some of his power.

JE: And then on each other? Jeez, villainy is a lonely profession.

BE: Again, petty. Their alliance could never last.

JE: And we've already noted (several times) how quickly Morgaine turns on the people around her.

BE: And Morgaine would happily be the last god standing.

JE: She would be a ruler over nothing, though.

BE: Her hatred is so great that I imagine that it doesn't quite matter to her.

JE: But the real tragedy here is that Stevie is cut off from her technology, and her father is dying.

BE: I hate to see them go.

JE: They really do belong to the whole of the DCU now, not just an obscure little corner of Anti-Matter Earth.

BE: Stephie is desperate, but when all hope is lost...

JE: We have the return of the Trinity, unexpected though it might have been after last issue.

BE: Still with their godly abilities.

JE: That surprised me the most, I think. I expected them to be fully powered down by now.

BE: As did I.

JE: And there go Morgaine and Despero.

BE: Their fickle alliance is reformed in the face of the return of our heroes.

JE: But it doesn't really matter as Superman lays them both out with one punch.

BE: And then turn their attention to things that really matter.

JE: Yes, like saving lives. Punching out petty despots is fun and all, but not at the cost of someone's life. Nice that Batman still has his priorities straight after all of this.

BE: Batman obviously has a soft spot for children watching a parent die.

JE: So, there's a chance to help Stevie and Enigma, even now.

BE: Enigma must return home and the SPHERE must be repaired so she can take him home, by "another" who knows what it is the be a machine.

JE: I feel certain you know the identity of the mysterious entity that Batman helps Stevie bond with.

BE: The Void Hound, for he, as Batman says, "has known little kindness."

JE: He has not, but it is good that he has found some purpose. Also good that it was Batman that brought it to him.

JE: And speaking of those who have known little kindness, but this time for good reason, we have Krona. Still trying to gain a measure of understanding.

BE: At least he gives up on the nonsense about how patient he is.

JE: Realization at last. Perhaps all is not lost. Hey, look at that.. there are three faces we haven't seen in a while.

BE: The Trinity, minus their godly aspects.

JE: A welcome sight in the DC Universe, yes?

BE: And about time, too.

JE: Oh, come on, now that's just dirty pool on the part of the CSA.

BE: Descending on the Trinity in their moment of weakness? Sounds just about right.

JE: I shouldn't be surprised, but I will admit that I had forgotten all about them when looking at the bigger picture of it all. Even the Trinity plus one (in the form of Gangbuster) is going to be hard pressed to triumph now.

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