TRINGENUITY 47: Trinity Commentary

"An attack from behind, Lady Morgaine? Who would do such a thing?" - Sun-Chained-in-Ink

Welcome to TRINGENUITY, CBR's ongoing commentary of DC Comics' weekly superhero series, "Trinity." The title is divided into two features; the first focuses on Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, while the second feature portrays background or tangential events that relate to the ongoing lead storyline. "Trinity" is a weekly series that is promised to be epic in scale and help define the trio of heroes' mythical place in the DC Universe.


The Companions, trying to bring humanity back to the Trinity, began to make headway. Meanwhile, the new Troika began to extract power from the worldsoul, using Tarot as the conduit. As the Trinity and their allies raced toward the Troika's arctic base, Xor encountered the Dreambound, also in the frozen north. Xor joined forces with the Dreambound, but began to worry about the fate of Enigma. Enigma, on Anti-Earth, encountered his enemies the Crime Syndicate as the villains were forced to protect the world they ruled from cataclysm. As the issue ended, Enigma offered an alliance that would save their world.


This issue begins with all-out action as the Trinity descends on the Troika in their arctic base. As the two groups engage in battle, Despero's armada arrives. The combined forces of the JLA and JSA engage the armada as Krona tries a different tactic; he attempts to convince the Trinity that they are not so different that he is, now that they are gods. As the Trinity is distracted by Krona, Morgaine plans a sneak attack, only to have it thwarted by Xor and the Dreambound. As the tide turns against the villains, the cavalry arrives, in a very strange form: Enigma and the Crime Syndicate, who join forces with the Trinity. As the lead feature closes, Charity and Jose arrive to rescue Tarot and find that Worldsoul, itself, may be beyond help.

In the backup feature, the defense of Earth begins as the combined heroes assault Despero's armada. Deep within the Batcave, Alfred attempts to contact the Batman, but instead reaches Lex Luthor, who, now at Castle Branek, has uncovered the origins of the creation energies that the Trinity and the Troika have drawn upon: The Cosmic Egg. Alfred relays the discovery to Nightwing, Lois Lane, and Donna Troy in hopes of reaching the Batman. The data is transmitted to the Trinity and we close as Batman gets an idea.


Brian Eason: All-out action this issue.

Justin Eger: Not much room to breathe, either, as the Trinity stages its raid on Krona's arctic hideout.

BE: Finally, Despero's armada arrives.

JE: Only to be confronted with an armada of Earth's own in the JSA and JLA membership.

BE: Not surprising that Earth's heroes can handle an alien invasion. They have before.

JE: Several times. The "Invasion" event springs to mind, as does "Bloodlines."

BE: The age-old tactic of the mastermind, try and convince the heroes that you are all on the same side.

JE: Perhaps it is a part of Krona's new found patience. Normally, he would have just tried to start smashing heads in.

BE:  This tactic seems only slightly more effective.

JE: If only because everyone else is too busy trying to smash heads in. And what have we learned class, about the value of patience?

BE:  The Krona School of Patience is not taking Morgaine with it.

JE: No diploma in sight.

BE: Morgaine's double-dealing was thwarted by my new favorite group: The Dreambound.

JE: They're quite the eclectic mix, especially now that Xor has joined the group.

BE: Once again, Morgaine's choices have backfired on her.

JE: Less so her choice of servitors, and more in her choice of how to treat them, I would think.

BE: Precisely. The battle seems close, but reinforcements arrive in a very strange form.

JE: Enigma and the Crime Syndicate? That's a disturbing combination.

BE: The Crime Syndicate with Enigma's brains behind them could be very deadly. Fortunately, they are on our side for the moment.

JE: Agreed. That's a winning combination, but I can't imagine it will be long before old animosities rear their ugly heads.

BE: Enigma will have to get his revenge or, more likely, it will end in tragedy for Enigma and SPHERE. The good guys never win on Anti-Earth. 

JE: Though they are on our Earth for the time being. That could shift the odds some.

BE: Finally Jose and Charity reach SPHERE and Tarot, but is it too late?

JE: The Worldsoul doesn't look to be in the best shape, this time around.

BE:  And considering Krona's track record with extracting planetary entities, this could prove to be a fatal error -- for Earth.

JE: I'm thinking we might see a death of the Worldsoul here. And you know what that means.

BE: Someone else will have to assume that role.

JE: With SPHERE being the logical choice. Tragedy brewing, as you noted above. The story shifts over to the heroes as they are swamped by the armada.

BE: Very nice establishing shot.

JE: Yes. Lots of pretty ladies, too, I might add.

BE: Noticed that, did you?

JE: I'm a writer. Observation is my specialty. One thing I have to mention: even in the middle of an interstellar war over the arctic, Nightwing and Red Arrow are right in the midst of everything.

BE: Of course. These guys have all the experience and guts needed for the job -- no super powers required.

JE: My kind of heroes. Alfred seems to be looking on from afar, though how exactly he's seeing all the action baffles me a bit.

BE: He has Bat-Technology, just go with it. 

JE: Good answer. The Batman remains prepared for all eventualities, including a fight in the arctic. Lex Luthor? I thought we got rid of him.

BE: Like a bad penny.

JE: Or, considering our location in the Batcave, a giant penny.

BE: You are no longer allowed to make Bat-Puns. 

JE: Holy lack of a probationary period, partner. What a shocker... Lex thinks he knows more than everyone else.

BE: And is terribly arrogant about it. He's spent his time investigating the Chaos from around the world. 

JE: After getting trounced, Lex seems to have taken the opportunity to figure out what's been done by Morgaine.

BE: Tracing from Castle Branek and back again.

JE: He's come to a lot of solid answers. How the "magic" works, and, apparently, how it might be undone. I wouldn't have expected Lex to have such an open mind on the subject of magic, his being a man of science.

BE: He notes that he hates magic, but he's smart enough to realize that that is what he is dealing with.

JE: One man's magic is another man's science, I guess.

BE: In Luthor's case, this is certainly true. 

JE: Now, all he has to do is get the information to Batman, who Lex begrudgingly admits is smart enough to do something with it.

BE: And godlike.

JE: No, we can't forget the continuing godlike status of the Trinity, even though, earlier in the issue, Krona tried to match them by empowering Morgaine and Despero.

BE: One would assume that Morgaine was a match for a single member of the Trinity, but with the Troika broken, I think she is less than a match without Krona's intervention. 

JE: iPhone, eat your heart out.

BE: My iPhone is jealous of the Bat-Tech.

JE: That thing makes my Sway look like rotary dial. And look, just a few minutes later, Batman has a plan.

BE: Doesn't he always? We'll have to wait till next issue to find out what it is. 

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