TRINGENUITY 46: Trinity Commentary

"It is... cookies." - Superman

Welcome to TRINGENUITY, CBR's ongoing commentary of DC Comics' weekly superhero series, "Trinity." The title is divided into two features; the first focuses on Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, while the second feature portrays background or tangential events that relate to the ongoing lead storyline. "Trinity" is a weekly series that is promised to be epic in scale and help define the trio of heroes' mythical place in the DC Universe.


The Crime Syndicate kicked off the issue, striking out at the Trinity at Morgaine's behest, though it didn't go according to plan as the Anti-Trinity was quickly defeated by the god-like heroes. The Syndicate, now beaten, is approached by Enigma, who uses SPHERE to banish the villains back to Anti-Earth. Meanwhile, Despero and Morgaine sought out a new ally in Krona, who convinced the villains to unite under his banner to defeat the Trinity. However, it was not without a price: Krona wanted the Worldsoul, and planed to sacrifice the soul of Enigma's daughter to get it. The plan created a schism among the villains and a new alliance between Krona, Despero and Morgaine, while Xor and Enigma were teleported away.


Still seeking to rekindle some humanity among the Trinity, Lois Lane and Alfred Pennyworth struggle with the godlike beings, slowly reaching out to their abandoned humanity. However, the battle is not yet finished, as Krona, Despero, and Morgaine begin summoning new power from the Worldsoul. Teaming with the Justice League and the Justice Society, the Trinity tracks down the villains and rush towards their new headquarters in the arctic.

Meanwhile, Xor seeks his comrades while trapped in the Arctic, only to come upon Moragine's Dreambound, who have now defected from the ranks of the villains and seek redemption. They convince Xor to join them, but Xor still worries about his other companion, Enigma, who was transported to his homeworld at the end of the last issue. There, Enigma meets with the Crime Syndicate leaders, who are trying to save their own world from the cosmic repercussions of the altering realities on our Earth. Forced to help the people they would rather enslave, the CSA tries (and fails) to prevent disasters around the globe, which leads to Enigma's offer of a team-up.


Brian Eason: In Eastern Europe, the Companions, the JLA and the JSA are trying to find the missing Troika.

Justin Eger: It's a mystery, as the defense of Europe just fell apart, though the heroes have a plan to get the information.

BE:  And Hal Jordan and Firestorm are at the forefront.

JE: Well, a Green Lantern and the last guy to see John Stewart alive make a good pairing to find the Void-Hound-possessed hero.

BE: The Trinity, on the other hand, seems to get an idea.

JE: Yes, they have the ability to track the villains to the moon, as the heroes also discover.

BE: But the Troika has left the moon.

JE: Which the heroes don't yet know, but the Trinity does.

BE: Omniscience has its benefits. But the world seems to be preparing for something.

JE: Hey, after all the near-chaos, I'd be hiding in a bomb shelter, too.

BE: Poor Alfred.

JE: After talking with Lois, he's ready to just pack it all in. Bruce seems to have abandoned him, except...

BE: Batman senses it -- hears the call. 

JE: Is that a flicker of Bruce Wayne coming to the surface, do you think?

BE:  No question. And beneath Castle Branek we find?

JE: Look at that: the artifacts of association that started this whole mess.

BE: And are likely to be the end of it, I hope.

JE: I certainly hope it won't mean the destruction of those things. What would the world be without the Joker's laugh?

BE: What a chilling thought. Charity and Gangbuster are in pursuit of Tarot.

JE: Using an antique League jet, to boot. Thankfully, Charity's link with Tarot is still active.

BE: And can lead Gangbuster straight to her. Kanjar Ro. Why can't this guy just disappear?

JE: You've said it yourself. He's a shady, sneaky scumsucker, though he also is the reason the League's summons to the Arctic.

BE: His need for revenge against the Troika is obvious. 

JE: Yet another villain who just can't seem to keep an allegiance straight.

BE: Ro has always been loyal to just Ro. And while Krona feels that he is impervious, he has a posse coming after him.

JE: It's an interesting quandary: who is the most godly of them all?

BE: Krona has the longevity and fueled the process. My money is on him. 

JE: But if anyone can provoke him to lose that newfound patience, I would bet on three new gods.

BE: Oh yes, historically, he hates to be thwarted. Our favorite alien, Xor, is out and about.

JE: Frustrated, but still in the Arctic, along with the Dreambound.

BE: Seems like you were right about Xor and the Dreambound.

JE: Xor is a powerful recruit. I'd be happy to have him on my team. Now, for my next trick, I'm going to say that the Dreambound help Gangbuster and Charity rescue Tarot.

BE: I'd say you're right on the money. All arrows point toward the Arctic as the central focus of the final showdown. 

JE: Again, not something that we would have expected way back when all this started. At least there are no bystanders around.

BE: Now, where is Enigma?

JE: It seems we're likely to find out, as the story shifts to Anti-Matter Earth, which is falling aprt just as quickly (if not more so) than our own world.

BE: The Unworthy Ten and the Young Offenders. I love it.

JE: Parodies of the Great Ten and the Teen Titans? You can't go wrong, there.

BE: What I wouldn't pay to see a series set on Anti-Earth.

JE: That would be worth the money. Even a back up... excuse me, "second feature" in an ongoing series would be worth a look.

BE: Are the Justice League creative teams listening? I love the irony of the Crime Syndicate playing good guys.

JE: As do I, but they certainly aren't happy about the situation. For once, they're not the one's ripping up the planet.

BE: They'd have to be idiots to stand by and watch their world destroyed.

JE: Idiots? You really did just describe Ultraman. He hates the idea.

BE: And Enigma finally shows up.

JE: Looking to recruit the CSA? That's not going to end well, even though it might save the planet.

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