TRINGENUITY 43: Trinity Commentary

"This is all unnecessary." - Batman

Welcome to TRINGENUITY, CBR's ongoing commentary of DC Comics' weekly superhero series, "Trinity." The title is divided into two features; the first focuses on Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, while the second feature portrays background or tangential events that relate to the ongoing lead storyline. "Trinity" is a weekly series that is promised to be epic in scale and help define the trio of heroes' mythical place in the DC Universe.


Last time, we began with a short lived face-off between Cheetah and the Trinity in Washington D.C. The Trinity stripped Cheetah of her power and moved to Gotham City, where they did the same to the Joker. Not to be left out of things, Lex Luthor arrived to appeal to the Trinity, saying that creation energy could be used to alter the world in many ways. Luthor was cast away by the Gods in disdain. Returning to Metropolis, the Trinity left the fate of the Universe in the hands of the JSI, asking if they wanted the world restored. The mortal decided that, despite the unknown factors involved, that they would rather have the world made right.

After the Justice Society and the Justice League parted ways, the Hall of Justice became home to some serious planning. Firestorm, now the recipient of John Stewart's emergency beacon, related what little he was able to learn about Krona and the Void Hound, but the League decided its focus should be closer to home for the moment. Meanwhile, Gangbuster asked advice from Charity and decided to head out on his own to track down Tarot, who Charity felt he was destined to be with.


Our lead feature begins with Krona and the Void Hound observing Earth from orbit. The Trinity assaults Castle Branek with the combined forces of the JSA and JLA, continuing to push back the chaos that has transformed the world, only to have their acts dismissed as unnecessary by the Trinity in their godlike forms. Within the Castle, the division of the Troika continues with Morgaine at odds with Xor and Enigma. Sun-Chained-In-Ink is restored to his former self as our reality re-asserts itself, and the feature concludes as Morgaine attempts to draw Tarot's energies just as Despero, Kanjar-Ro, and the Crime Syndicate come busting in.

Meanwhile, the Companions recover from their return and the arrival of the Trinity back on Earth. Supergirl joins the League and the Society in Europe, while Lois Lane tries to return to work at the Daily Planet. Elsewhere, Nemesis gets grilled by Sarge Steel, while Alfred and Nightwing maintain communications with the secret agent and Donna Troy. In the end, the heroes decide they need to find a way to contact the Trinity, though Lois takes the most extreme route and leaps from the roof of the Planet's building, only to be saved by Tomorrow Woman, still somehow surviving in this reality. Taking off to Europe, the Companions then are confronted by the nigh-powerful Trinity, who announce their intent to reshape the world as gods.


Justin Eger: A quick glimpse of Krona kicks things off this week.

Brian Eason: He and John Stewart/Void Hound seem less concerned with their task, as though they have all the time in the world. I suppose immortality will do that to you.

JE: Well, let's not forget that Krona was trying to instill patience in himself and his companion.

BE:  And it looks like he succeeded. While I am sure he doesn't perceive the Trinity as a threat, he seems to be waiting for the battlefield to clear.

JE: Perhaps all this conflict is simply bringing more of the Worldsoul to the surface.

JE: Not long, though, before we're right back into the action.

BE: The assault of Castle Branek.

JE: And Europe as a whole. Morgaine seems ready to sacrifice all her minions to even just slow down the Trinity.

BE: She's never seemed concerned with her people. She's far more interested in short term gain over long-term planning.

JE: Unfortunately for her, minions aren't going to stop the League and the Justice Society, let alone three nearly omnipotent beings.

BE: No, the power of the Trinity is sufficient to dismiss them out of hand.

JE: Speaking of being dismissed out of hand, Carter Hall gets some familiar treatment from the Trinity.

BE: Yes, I think he'd be sick of being treated this way by now.

JE: That could lead to some interesting ramifications.

BE:  Hawkman has been a major player in this saga, I think he may be the key to de-god-ifying the Trinity.

JE: He's the only one of the current "generation" of heroes that doesn't look upon the Trinity as all-powerful and infallible. Morgaine's castle is the next stop, where Enigma has come to a very similar conclusion.

BE: He remains the smartest man in the room. Fortunately for the good guys, no one seems to listen.

JE: Yes, I suppose dissension in the ranks is their best ally at this point.

BE: I think so, though I would be interested in seeing Enigma's brain pitted against Batman.

JE: If Batman's head was in the game, yes, I'd watch that.

JE: Even within the ranks of the villains, there seem to be some different opinions.

BE: The Dreambound have never really be supportive of Morgaine's overall agenda.

JE: Especially since they got her to this point and then have been promptly sidelined.

BE: Her allies are very expendable. Again, this is her biggest weakness.

JE: I'm just surprised it's taking them so long to realize how little they mean to her. And Xor made a new friend.

BE: I loved this scene - Xor playing with SPHERE.

JE: It was a very friendly scene, something I wasn't prepared to see, though Xor probably has been lonely of late.

BE: And it's a very different relationship than he had with Graak.

JE: Though, with the way the Trinity has been restoring things, there is a chance Graak could return.

BE: I was thinking the same thing. 

JE: It would also be a smooth way to resurrect some of the lost heroes of the world.

JE: Interesting that the Dreambound are the witnesses to certain specific events in the castle.

BE: Yes, I think that Morgaine forgets they're there until they say something.

JE: Which is never fun for any employee. She seems to enjoy doling out the "Oh, you're still here?" treatment.

BE: I blame godhood. The Trinity seems to be having the same issue. 

JE: Agreed. And the Dreambound get a friend back, too, as the original Sun-Chained-in-Ink returns.

BE: As our reality begins to breach the Castle walls.

JE: So, while we're on the topic, has there been anything else drastically altered inside Castle Branek? Anything else that might break down unexpectedly?

BE: Since the Trinity is using creation to restore reality, anything is possible. Graak could return, John Stewart restored, everything before the godhood is fair game.

JE: The still-imprisoned Tarot is forced to give Morgaine information.

BE: Yes, that nothing has changed, but that the power of the Troika cannot withstand the Trinity.

JE: But Morgaine also learns that there might be a way out of the conundrum, but, happily, Tarot decides not to tell her what it is. Any ideas?

BE: I think Tarot refers to Krona, the source of the transformation.

JE: Interesting. It would be quite a massive influx of power for Morgaine if she could swing that.

BE: The Cosmic Egg was the catalyst. I think that Krona can be the only possible answer.

JE: But with Morgaine's inability to register the value of her allies (or their power), I would imagine that Krona could easily manipulate her.

BE: Of that I have no doubt. She is power hungry and he has all the power she'll ever want. 

JE: And then the arrival we've been waiting for.

BE: Despero, Kanjar-Ro, and the Crime Syndicate.

JE: That's a pretty big team-up. And Ro is pretty happy with the results.

BE: That little creep is always looking for a "I told you so."

JE: Poor Jimmy Olsen. Even after all the world has been through, he can't catch a break from Perry.

BE: I think some things are just a universal constant.

JE: He's not the focus of the story, though, as we follow the Companions around the globe.

BE: Now that reality is restored, they have a lot to think about, but reality is not quite right.

JE: Hardly. The companions seem to have been summarily dismissed, as well.

JE: Good old Lois. She's always got the most direct course of action for getting Clark's attention.

BE: But no Clark. Instead we get...

JE: A surprise: Tomorrow Woman.

BE: What I wouldn't give to have her stick around in the DC Universe.

JE: I'm in agreement, though her own grip on reality seems tenuous, at best. Invisible Jet Airlines: the only way to follow superpowered beings.

BE: Donna hauls the companions to Castle Branek.

JE: Let it never be said that a direct course of action isn't useful. It might be at least mildly significant that Superman reacts to being called Clark.

BE: They're still in there, despite the changes.

JE: But there's still this whole issue of "godhood," which even leaves the Companions speechless.

BE: The Trinity plans to be the Gods of our world.

JE: And to reshape it, much as they did on their previous world. That might not be a good idea.

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