TRINGENUITY 25: Trinity Commentary

By Brian Eason & Justin Eger

"Wait. I was slidin' down a pole... into a cave... I was wearin' shorts an' pixie boots -- and this wasn't a dirty movie...?" - Richie Grayson

Welcome to TRINGENUITY, CBR's ongoing commentary of DC Comics' weekly superhero series, "Trinity." The title is divided into two features; the first focuses on Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, while the second feature portrays background or tangential events that relate to the ongoing lead storyline. "Trinity" is a weekly series that is promised to be epic in scale and help define the trio of heroes' mythical place in the DC Universe.


As Morgaine Le Fey began a reign of magically-powered terror in Europe, the Justice Society International found itself powerless to resist. Making a timely arrival, Gangbuster visited the JSI headquarters to deliver Freddie Pennyworth's scroll to Carter Hall. Reading the magic scroll created by Khufu, Hall and his friends were transformed and invested with the knowledge of what Morgaine had done.

Krona, still attempting to create an army of celestial intelligences, destroyed another planet as he attempted to extract the sentience of the world. Krona's attention was diverted when Despero, John Stewart, and Kanjar Ro all arrived in the same area of space at the same time. Krona, ever the observer, believed that John's condition might facilitate communication with the intelligences that he was seeking and kidnapped the Green Lantern. Left alone in the depths of space, Kanjar Ro and Despero struck a deal to get revenge on Enigma and Morgaine. Ro's plan? The Anti-Trinity: Ultraman, Superwoman and Owlman.


A whistle stop tour of this altered DC Universe's state of affairs begins in Detroit, where members of the JSI begin a raid on the headquarters of the unregistered superheroes known as The League. Carter Hall does his best to put on the brakes and negotiate a truce with the help of two men calling themselves The Flash - current League member Wally West and League founder Barry Allen, who in this world was crippled by his activities as a super hero. Elsewhere, Tarot arrives in a rapidly transforming Opal City, where she is greeted by the city's resident mystic, Charity. Finally, Morgaine and Engima begin their search for the third part of their villainous Troika.

Our backup feature begins with "Freddie" Pennyworth at Lois Lane's office, having gathered an odd troop together. Tom Tresser (Nemesis), "Richie" Grayson and Lois Lane all join Alfred as he explains to each of them how the world is missing three vital components: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. As the three begin to believe Alfred's story, Batman's butler summons Interceptor (Supergirl) and, using a kryptonite amulet, subdues her and relates the same story to the last daughter of Krypton. But Alfred has one more person he needs to collect and convince: librarian Donna Troy.


Justin Eger: Quite a lot happening this week, isn't there?

Brian Eason:  Great balance this week, action-packed lead and clever dialogue-driven backup.

JE: With some great guest appearances. Let's start at the top of the list. This week, our first introduction is to the The League, as the JSI raids their headquarters.

BE:  Black Orchid, Vibe, Space Ranger, Lex Luthor, Fire, and Green Arrow.

JE: Interesting combination of characters, there.

BE: Especially Black Orchid and Space Ranger.

JE: I thought seeing Vibe on the team with Lex Luthor was one of the strangest combinations ever.

BE: It was just shocking to see Vibe again, and it appears the League is using the Justice League Detroit headquarters.

JE: Interesting that even such an off-the-wall location gets some face time on this new Earth. Props to Kurt Busiek for finding a way to incorporate all this. And all formed by one of our Earth's most respected heroes: Barry Allen.

BE: So that confirms The Flash as Wally West.

JE: As we suspected from previous appearances. Though Barry is still very active in superhero politics. That has to be the worst way be taken out of play if you're a superhero.

BE: And this was the lack of experience showing on Barry's part, because in the traditional DCU reality, Barry has had this happen and has merely vibrated himself until the foreign matter fell out of him. 

JE: Well done.

BE: I was a big fan of the Barry Allen years. 

JE: Two more stops on the train, so to speak, the first being Opal City.

BE: Or is that an airport?

JE: Yeah, that's a little shaky, for us and for Tarot, as reality appears to warp all the way around her more than a few times.

BE: She seems to be a Nexus for all of these strange happenings, as she has been from the beginning. 

JE: Perhaps being worked over by Morgaine's magic has also had a detrimental effect.

BE: Charity was a favorite supporting character of mine in James Robinson and Tony Harris' "Starman."

JE: Once again, our love for James Robinson is well documented. It looks like Charity might be able to help tarot get a grip on everything, though.

BE:  Psychics and fortune tellers have a long and illustrious career in the DCU. This is no exception.

JE: We have been talking about them a lot since all this started. Madame Tarot in Gotham, now Charity. If Madame Xanadu wasn't locked away in Vertigo comics, I bet she'd also show up soon. And in Europe, the hunt begins for the third part of the Troika.

BE: Despero is on his way as we speak, but I don't think they are going to be happy to see him.

JE: But, as I believe I suggested a few weeks ago, Despero might not be the alien in question. After all, there's only one alien around this part of the issue, as we see on page one.

BE: Could you be referring to Konvikt?

JE: I could. Perhaps he is a key part of the equation for both the Troika and the Trinity.

BE: We've asserted that he has a bigger part in this from early one, I think you're on the right track here.

JE: As always, we can only wait and see.

BE: The future of Opal City?

JE: Yeah, how about that? Aliens walking the earth? Or mutants? Something is seriously wrong, here.

BE: Backup art this week by Mike Norton and Ande Parks, nicely done.

JE: Very much so. I do not recall Parks over Norton's art before, but the combination is very attractive. Not too heavy in the lines, lots of open color. Well done.

BE: I love that each of the people connected to the Trinity has a different image of what life would be like in a world where Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman exist.

JE: Tom Tresser's vision of Diana was about the closest on the mark. On the far end of things, Lois's blond Adonis looked like a complete tool, while Dick was a gun toting vigilante under the tutelage of a vigilante with a much bigger gun. Weird.

BE: It's all very logical from their perspective. All Dick Grayson knows in this world is violence and crime and Lois is pretty shallow here.

JE: But Tom remains a very morally driven hero, despite how the world is run. Great observation.

BE: Alfred apparently knows it all now. He even calls Interceptor by her Kryptonian name.

JE: You can't ever count Alfred out, that's for sure. And he's even got some Kryptonite on hand to prove his point.

BE: In the form of an amulet. I'd love to know the origins of that piece. 

JE: As would I, but I bet Busiek and co-writer Fabian Nicieza already have that one in the works. We saw background on the scroll and a few other things already.

BE: This team is decidedly thorough and considering the travels that Alfred has been on, there is no telling where the amulet came from.  

JE: Maybe we should start taking bets.

BE: Now our supporting characters remember the Trinity as well.

JE: At least a little bit. It's there, but it might take a little more pushing to get them all across the board like Alfred is.

BE: Perhaps when the sixth and final player is brought on board.

JE: That would make it two people close to each member of our world's Trinity.

BE: Add in the Trinity itself and that gives you three sets of three again. Those numbers continue to be used to good effect. Now we just need the help of Willowbrook Library's own Donna Troy.

JE: We did say she looked like a librarian, though I've never seen one quite as harried as poor Donna.

BE: Quite a change from her usual dynamic self.

JE: So put upon, forced to track down books on foot fungus and Harry Potter.

BE: As a huge supporter of librarians everywhere, I know for a fact that this is the least of her worries.

JE: Indeed, but what librarian wouldn't want a chance to slip on some super-tights and save the world?

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