Tribute: Nancy Reagan #1

Tribute: Nancy Reagan, available in both print and digital formats, follows the influential First Lady's career from her early days as a B movie actress to her transformation into the "power behind the throne" as her husband's, President Ronald Reagan, closest advisor. Her story continued, as she became the public face for families struggling with the cruel twist of Alzheimer's disease and as the torchbearer for her beloved husbands legacy.

Written by Michael Frizell and Michael Troy with art by Manuel Diaz, the book pays homage to one of the most influential First Ladies; a woman who not only supported President Reagan, but often helped guide public policy. The one-shot features a cover by famed artist Pablo Martinena.

This tribute book centers on the lifelong love affair with Screen Actors Guild, Governor of California, President of the United States and elder statesman Ronald Reagan. Her devotion to one of the 20th century's most successful politicians and Republican Party's standard bearer. The tribute book closes the last public chapter of the former first lady's remarkable life.

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