Trevor Hairsine returns to indies with German war comic [Updated]

BOOM! Studios sent out word this morning that it's publishing a new series titled Operation: Broken Wings, 1936. The series has major buzz around it for the artist drawing it -- former Marvel Young Gun Trevor Hairsine, who's joined by writer Herik Hanna. The duo tells a story taking place in pre-World War II Germany, where an intelligence officer is tortured by his superiors for his apparent insubordination.

Hairsine is an eye-opening artist, both for his skills on the comic page and for his unique career path. First coming into comics carrying a heavy Bryan Hitch influence, he bounced around 2000AD before landing his star-making gig on Com.X's Cla$$war in 2002. The book was plagued with problems, leaving an invite from Marvel to jump ship an easy choice for the artist.

Hairsine was soon enlisted to follow John Cassaday on Captain America and anointed one of Marvel's then-new Young Guns. Hairsine bounced around on some Ultimate Universe miniseries and the disjointed X-Men: Deadly Genesis, but after getting lower-tier titles as compared to his Young Gun compatriots, he jumped over to DC before dropping off the map except for the occasional cover. In 2009 he did a six-issue series for Wildstorm called Killapalooza and then a licensed title earlier this year based on the video game Deus Ex. However, he's yet to match up to the heights of his work or the buzz surrounding him earlier in his career. Seeing him working outside the fold -- and the big page rates -- of Marvel and DC is intriguing, but that's probably a story we'll never hear.

Regardless, Hairsine remains an artist to watch, and seeing him tackle German soldier in-fighting sounds full of win for me.

UPDATE: Our Robot 6 readers have informed us that this series isn't in-fact "new" as the BOOM! press release states, but part of a franchise put out in France's Delcourt called Le Casse (translated as "The Damage"), with each volume illustrated by different artists. Trevor's installment that BOOM! is publishing was originally subtitled "L'Heritage du Kaiser." This isn't the first import BOOM! has done released; in 2010 the publisher imported another Delcourt series, 7 Assassins, illustrated by Sean Phillips.

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