Tremors: The Series is Officially Heading to YouTube... For Free


The cult classic television series Tremors, based on the film franchise of the same name, is coming to YouTube in its entirety for free.

Tremors: The Series started in 2003 on SyFy (then The Sci-Fi Channel). It starred Michael Gross as Burt Gummer, who has appeared in every Tremors movie thus far.  It came out to coincide with the release of Tremors 4: The Legend Begins, which was a prequel to the whole Tremors series. The prequel came out a year after the series started.

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Despite decent ratings, Tremors: The Series was cancelled after 13 episodes. While there was a physical release, the YouTube rebirth should offer fans or newcomers alike a chance to watch the series if they missed it during its initial run.

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SyFy planned to relaunch the Tremors series with the star of the original film, Kevin Bacon, returning to reprise his role. While the pilot was filmed, it has yet to be released. In the end, SyFy chose not to greenlight the series.

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If you are eager to watch, here is the first episode of Tremors, free for viewing on Youtube.

The social media team for Tremors: The Series confirms that the rest of the episodes will be arriving on YouTube through April and May.

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