Tremble before Tokyo's new Godzilla statue

Last week we saw only concept art for the Godzilla statue intended to erupt from the roof of the Toho Cinema in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward, but today the full-size head of the King of the Monsters was officially revealed in all its glory.

That statue is what will provide the new 30-story Hotel Gracery, which sits atop the theater, with its Godzilla View Rooms (priced at a reasonable $125 a night).

A recreation of the monster's appearance in 1992's Godzilla vs. Mothra, the head rises 39 feet above the roof of the cinema, which RocketNews24 calculated makes him more than 50 meters tall -- his height in his 1954 debut.

Check out a couple of photos of the Godzilla statue below, and even more at Kotaku. Hotel Gracery opens April 24.

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