Tr!ckster Symposia tickets go on sale Monday

Last month Scott Morse, Ted Mathot and many others announced Tr!ckster, a creator-focused event that will take place July 21-24 in San Diego. The event will feature an art gallery, retail space for participating creators and a series of symposia -- "rigorous workshop events for focused creative individuals to add new ways of thinking to your work ethic."

Creators like Skottie Young, Steve Niles, Mike Mignola, Jill Thompson, Mike Allred and many more will take about such topics as character design and development, art technique, visual storytelling and the creative process. They'll run two a day July 21-24. While admission to Tr!ckster is free, you'll need tickets to get into the symposia, which go on sale Monday. And since the event is at a wine bar, wine will be served during the sessions.

You can find a list of all the symposia after the jump, and come Monday you'll be able to buy tickets on their website.


SYMPOSIUM 1:Thursday, 7/21/11, 1:00 PM to 3:00 PMSKOTTIESCOTT: LIVEFeaturing storytellers SKOTTIE YOUNG and SCOTT MORSECharacter design and development is paramount to keeping readers involved in a visual story. Join Eisner Award winners SKOTTIE YOUNG and SCOTT MORSE, creators of the run-away hit daily blog SkottieScott.com as they tackle, dissect, analyze, and own a new way of thinking about shape, line, texture, and gesture. Every picture SHOULD tell a story, and many drawings and paintings will be created on the spot in a dynamic, intimate, involved environment with active audience participation.

PERFECT FOR: artists and aspiring artists in all fields; anyone looking to explore new media and technique/method; writers curious as to how character design can help generate story


SYMPOSIUM 2:Thursday, 7/21/11, 3:30PM to 5:30 PMTHE JUMP FROM PAGE TO SCREENFeaturing creators MIKE MIGNOLA, DOUG TENNAPEL, CHRIS RYALL, and more TBAComics and film are separate mediums and we at TR!CKSTER openly accept and celebrate them as such. We create our comics with the intent to tell incredible, unique stories in a visual medium we enjoy. Often times, of course, these properties can grow into a new kind of life on screen, but is the integrity of the creator or the intent of the original story sacrificed for the cinematic experience? Join a unique, honest, no-holds-barred discussion of the realities of selling your work to the film community, how “development” works for creators of comics, and how to protect and promote your work, and yourself, as your intellectual property crosses media.

PERFECT FOR: writers and storytellers considering the migration of their work to other media


SYMPOSIUM 3:Friday, 7/22/11, 1:00PM to 3:00 PMINVISIBLE INK: THE UNDERSTRUCTURE OF STORY with BRIAN McDONALDLearn the secrets of Dickens, Steinbeck and Billy Wilder in this popular class taught by award-winning writer/director/producer Brian McDonald. This workshop is to the storyteller what an anatomy class is to the illustrator. You will learn how to construct a story from the ground up by examining classic films and stories. Like a mechanic listening for the knocks in an engine, you will learn how to look for clues that tell you where your own stories are misfiring. In addition, you will learn how to listen to and interpret the critique you get regarding your stories. Most people critique subjectively, not objectively, and you will learn to know the difference. You will begin to see stories in a way that most people are unfamiliar with and you will become a better storyteller because of it.

Topics covered include: The concept of ‘invisible ink’; What is story structure?; The seven steps to a better story; What is three-act structure?; The importance of the ‘set-up’; How to spot the armature or central idea of a story.

PERFECT FOR: writers and storytellers of all types, in film, prose, comics, and beyond, looking to hone their writing skills through intense discussion and analysis with a top working storyteller.________________

“Writing stories is hard. They are stubborn by nature. No matter how many times you master one, the next story is obligated to conceal its faults with an entirely new disguise. Your only recourse is to keep writing, while concurrently increasing your understanding of this deceivingly simple, yet highly complex, organism we call story. Brian McDonald’s insightful book does just that. Somehow, Brian has found yet another fresh and objective way to analyze how great stories function, and emboldens you to face the challenge of scaling whatever story mountain looms before you. If I manage to reach the summit of my next story it will be in no small part due to having read ‘Invisible Ink’.”– Andrew Stanton (co-writerToy Story 1 & 2, A Bug’s Life, Monster’s Inc.,and Finding Nemo)

“Invisible Ink is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to become a better screenwriter. With elegance and precision, Brian McDonald uses his deep understanding of story and character to pass on essential truths about dramatic writing. Ignore him at your peril.”-Jim Taylor (Academy Award-winning screenwriter of Sideways and Election)


SYMPOSIUM 4:Friday, 7/22/11, 3:30PM to 5:30 PMTHE ART WORKSHOPFeaturing artists JILL THOMPSON, JIM MAHFOOD, and more TBAWhether you work in single panel illustration, poster design, web design, or sequential storytelling, you more than likely juggle the concept of developing a “style” versus creating immortal visual art that communicates readily with an audience. Technique, theory, method, and madness will all be on display in an intimate workshop environment. Explore paint application and aesthetic, discuss ink and inking implements, and watch as original art is produced on the spot in a variety of styles and media.

PERFECT FOR: artists and aspiring artists in all fields; anyone looking to explore new media and technique/method


SYMPOSIUM 5:Saturday, 7/23/11, 1:00PM to 3:00 PMBUILDING A CREATOR-OWNED CREATIVE TEAMFeaturing storytellers MIKE ALLRED, LARRY MARDER, GREG RUCKA, JAMIE S. RICH, and more TBAWriting a story is hard enough, but finding the visual pairing to help express the story to its fullest can be pivotal in crafting your work. The right combination of exposition and dialogue with the perfect set of sequential images make for excellent, memorable storytelling in comics and children’s books. Join in with acclaimed writers and the artists they’ve worked with as they explore how the creative team, and the creative process, come to fruition.

PERFECT FOR: writers and artists hoping to make comics as a team.


SYMPOSIUM 6:Saturday, 7/23/11, 3:30PM to 5:30 PMVISUAL STORYTELLING IN COMICS AND FILMFeaturing film and comics storytellers TED MATHOT, DEREK THOMPSON, JAMES BAKER, and more TBAThe comics and film mediums share much in common but are drastically different animals. Are comics ready-made storyboards? Do the dynamic visual languages of each share the same vocabulary? Join an intimate, creator-driven discussion workshop where both visual mediums are explored and dissected by an array of today’s top visual storytellers in the art of comics and story boarding.

PERFECT FOR: writers and storytellers working in comics hoping to also work in film, and vice-versa.


SYMPOSIUM 7:Sunday, 7/24/11, 1:00PM to 3:00 PMWORLD-BUILDING and the IMMACULATE REALITYFeaturing film and comics storytellers TED MATHOT, DEREK THOMPSON, and more TBAFiction is a limitless landscape, ripe for painting with the varied colors of the imagination. Fiction is the realm of the impossible made possible. To do this effectively, writers, artists and storytellers present themselves with questions requiring unique answers. Not only must they know the lives and environments and politics of their central players, they must know what lurks behind the curtain, what lies beyond the horizon, and what awaits just off-screen. Even the most fantastical and surreal worlds must still be grounded in a reality that the audience can start from, can find footing on, and can then move from the familiar safety of…into the new worlds of story. This workshop will also dive into creating the worlds of character interaction: how player dynamics must be constructed effectively. In this, we’ll analyze the roles of archetypes including the “trickster” and how they effect the stories of their worlds.

PERFECT FOR: writers and storytellers of all types, in film, prose, comics, and beyond, looking to hone their writing skills through intense discussion and analysis with top working storytellers.


SYMPOSIUM 8:Sunday, 7/24/11, 3:30PM to 5:30 PMBUILDING A SHORT STORY: CRIME AND TERROR: LIVEFeaturing STEVE NILES and SCOTT MORSEThe daunting task of creating a short story can boggle the mind of any creator. Finding a productive, inspired rhythm in a creative team is paramount to the economy and productivity of a comics project. Creators are inherently self-starters, but where and how you begin your creative process has plagued even the greatest minds. Where do you begin with an idea? At what point do you put it to paper? How do you begin to design the visual aesthetics of a story? What inspires not only the idea, but the urge to create? Join award-winning storytellers STEVE NILES and SCOTT MORSE as they create, from scratch and before an intimate, live audience, an original short story from start to finish, ready to deliver to a printer. Key shortcuts and secrets of page design, plot development, character, staging, dialogue, lettering, and more will be featured in real time as a 6 to 8 page story is executed for their new hardcover series CRIME AND TERROR.

PERFECT FOR: writers and storytellers producing comics, and those hoping to.

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