Transformers, X-Men 3, Superman, King Conan: The Comic Reel Wrap for May 2nd


Director Michael Bay talked to IESB (Windows Media required) and got hounded into letting slip some answers about the Robots in Disguise, including early sequel talk.


Development Hell is bandying about a rumor that "Alias" star David Anders, best known as double dealing spy Julian Sark, may be trading in his handgun for wings. He's apparently in close negotiations to assume the fortune and feathers of one Mister Warren Worthington III, a student at the Xavier Academy for Gifted Youngsters.


Remember that rumor that Wolverine was gonna be Clark Kent's dad in Bryan Singer's adaptation of the Last Son of Krypton? Moviehole says it's a load of hooey. They wrote, "Hugh Jackman is not part of the 'Superman Returns' cast. Moviehole checked in with those in the know who confirmed that it's rubbish. 'Jackman has been hanging around Bryan Singer because they're friends -- and Jackman's in town at the moment.'"

Oh, and really, what do you think of Brandon Routh in costume?


It's official -- after last week's rumor, a site called TheArnoldFans.com is alleging that Robert Rodriguez has indeed signed on to direct a new film version of everybody's favorite Cimmerian, and that former director John Milius has been given the boot.


Kryptonsite has an expanded description from the network about the season finale, "Commencement." Also, it seems David Goyer interviewing himself last week target="_blank" started a trend, as Alison Mack is asked the tough questions ... by Alison Mack Online.


Superhero Hype has a scoop, involving director Sam Raimi talking to a Brazilian newspaper. In an interview, Raimi allegedly said, "We are working ahead of time in the digital post-production because this movie will have even more visual effects than the other two ... I want to create a completely new look for the VILLAINS [emphasis added]. The costumes they will wear will be sensational. You can quote me on that." Peter Parker will have more to deal with than the guy from "Ned & Stacey."


According to Toon Zone new episodes of the hit animated series will soon make their debut in Canada. Unlike other series such as "The Batman," episodes will come stateside to Cartoon Network mere days later. So you've got that going for you ...


Screenwriter Hans Rodionoff talked to Comics Continuum about the Marvel horror concept that debuted Saturday on Sci Fi Network. There's also gobs of screen captures.

Meanwhile, faithful reader Hector Lima reports that the DVD will be released in Brazil on May 16th. Thanks, Hector!


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