Transformers, Wonder Woman, Blade, 30 Days of Night: May 19th Comic Reel Wrap


According to the Hollywood Reporter (subscription required), Kevin Dunn will play Shia LaBeouf's quirky, do-it-yourself dad in the big-budget, live-action extravaganza based on the Hasbro toy line being directed by Michael Bay.


MTV talked to actress Kate Beckinsale, who said she wouldn't slide on the tiara even if it was offered to her. "I never got the underwear," she said. "My mother didn't believe in nylon underwear. She thought it made you itchy. I get texted from friends all around the world saying, 'That's so awesome! I'm so happy for you. That's so great,' and I have to just text them and say, 'It's actually not true. I think I've embarrassed my daughter quite enough."


There's a new trailer for the Spike TV series at one of their promotional websites, while Comic Book Movie has six new promotional photos from the show as well.


Fangoria is reporting "that Academy Award-winning Kiwi FX workshop Weta ('LORD OF THE RINGS' trilogy, 'KING KONG') has aligned with Slade to provide NIGHT its array of ferocious bloodsuckers."


According to Variety, preproduction is underway on a comic book adaptation of the French language comic book.


Variety also reports that the Core Studio, the South Korean sales and production boutique which was launched last year is developing a film based on a contempo South Korean comic book which has a cult following in other Asian territories. Core is seeking co-production partners and may appoint a foreign helmer.


Toon Zone has a description and cover at for the sequel to the animated direct-to-DVD feature. The new project will be called "Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther."


The new TV spot is now available at -- where else -- YouTube.


There's a notation at the British Board of Film Classification website saying that a new teaser trailer, to debut next week, will run one minute and twenty three seconds. It's expected to be attached to prints of "X-Men 3: The Last Stand."


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