Transformers, Wolverine, Smallville, Hellboy: November 13th Comic Reel Wrap


Voice actor Peter Cullen was interviewed by The Oklahoman, talking about how he got the role. "Cullen was called in to audition for Michael Bay at his offices in Santa Monica, Calif. He was asked to read a scene with Optimus Prime and Ironhide, a gutsy Autobot who was a close friend of Prime's, also played by Cullen in the original series. 'The script assistant was there, and she started reading for Ironhide,' Cullen said. 'I said, 'Excuse me, dear, do you mind if I read it?' Because I actually played this character.' Cullen completed the read-through reading for both characters. Cullen received a callback. This time, Cullen was called to act out a more personal, one-on-one scene. 'The reason for that was, they wanted to find out if I in fact could act,' he said. 'Optimus steps out of his normal frame, and becomes ... a little more human.'"


Don't call it a comeback -- actor Hugh Jackman has been quoted at IESB talking about how he'd like to reunite with director Bryan Singer. "The thing is it's all in negotiations," Jackman said. "I can really ... there is a list and Bryan is, sort of, at the beginning of it, so, of course, he's in the loop. So, but, it is too early for me to say."


If you're willing to register, you can check out an article in the Los Angeles Times (and reposted at Devoted to Smallville) where producer Al Gough implies that the eventual end the series is already in mind. Gough is also quoted at The Slug about getting the gang together, complete with an audio clip.

Meanwhile, Kryptonsite has high resolution screen captures from the trailer for this week's episode.


Interested in hearing details about editing the animated film, "Blood and Iron?" The official blog has been updated with some information on the editing of the film before its small-screen debuts.


Director Mark Steven Johnson left a note at the Superhero Hype message boards. "Yup. It's true. For the whole month of December 'Ghost Rider' will be playing it's FIRST LOOK, which is a few minutes of clips and interviews, in front of PG-13 and R-rated movies at all AMC theatres. Again, we're governed by the MPAA, so don't expect anything too intense there, but it's a nice segment. There may be a softer "PG" version running before NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM but that's not for sure. Posters will start going up in the next week or so, and then standees, and then REALLY cool outdoor stuff that will be on the side of buildings and billboards. December really kicks things off in a big way."


Superhero Report has an early scoop on what will happen in the sixth episode, coming up soon.


According to The Arnold Fans, James Cameron is ÔwaitingÕ for the Austrian Oak before he starts filming the long gestating film version of the manga property.


Directors Zack Synder and Frank Miller were interviewed by IGN, talking about adapting the work. Snyder said, "For Frank's work, it's amazing and the book that he made -- every frame is like a painting. So we just felt that the only way to get at that and to respect that and to do it justice was to make sure that we weren't ... You can imagine us in some dusty mountain pass up in Mulholland or up by Vasquez Rocks. But I feel this way is more like the drawings, especially in terms of what he does."


The official movie blog has been updated with producer Grant Curtis responded directly to fans. "Right now we are busy working on the visual effects and editing the picture," Curtis wrote. "Soon we start looping, working on the score, working on the international versions. We have so much work on these pictures it is mind blowing, but very rewarding."

In other news, MTV has some behind-the-scenes featurettes about making the movie.


Superhero Report also has the skinny on the fourth episode of this season, featuring Dr. Hugo Strange, complete with screen captures.


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