Transformers, WE3, Iron Man, Gatchaman: April 11 Comic Reel Wrap


He's ready for his close-up, Mister Bay -- Canmag has a new photo of Bumblebee in the Hasbro-minded action film.

By the time you read this, it'll probably be too late, but if you live in Australia and would like to see some footage from the film, Moviehole has the hook up for a handful of lucky fans.


How about a script review of the Grant Morrison killer animal tale? Film Ick is all over it.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" star Leslie Bibb has landed a role in the Robert Downey Jr.-fueled Marvel movie. She will play a fast-talking reporter.


There's a note at the Anime News Network saying that "Nikkatsu Corporation, a subsidiary of Index Holdings, has announced that it has green-lit live-action adaptations of two 1970s anime series, 'Yatterman' and 'Ninja Science Team Gatchaman.'" That's "Battle of the Planets" to you, gaijin.


Yep, time to talk sequels already. Director Kevin Monroe is quoted at Animated Views discussing the idea. "You know, itÕs funny, because it's never been more than a lunchtime conversation between me and my fried Tom Tanaka, who also was the director on the movie and did a lot of the story work as well. But I mean, thereÕs nothing set yet." Monroe did talk about wanting to deal with both Shredder and the Triceratons, however.


The official movie blog has been updated with E.J. Krisor talking about bringing Sandman to the silver screen.

Film Ick also notes that actor Jason Schwartzman will cameo as Kirsten Dunst's Broadway co-star.


Actress Lynda Carter was interviewed by TV Guide about being Chloe's mom, and Kryptonsite has highlights, like this one: "The fact that this character was formerly psychotic, that she was in a catatonic state, there's a wonderful character arc there," she said. "Moria is a bit of a soap opera in one person: love, loss, magic meteorites."


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