Transformers, Watchmen, The Dark Knight: The Comic Reel Wrap for July 5th


The story from here on out is financial -- the Michael Bay-helmed blockbuster set a new all-time record for Tuesdays with $27.4 million in box office receipts, according to Comingsoon.net. This comes after an $8.8 million "preview" day (Variety) and generally favorable reviews.


Debunked! Comics2Film is still posting decodings from the Rorschach's Journal website, but a comment tells a tale that's less official. "It appears that this Journal is NOT OFFICIALLY RELATED to the 'Watchmen' film," a commenter called "dannyboyle" wrote. "In the link I mentioned above, if you click the page source you will see that the Rorschach image is uploaded to type40marketing.com. Go to this website, which describes itself as 'a new internet marketing and promotions company,' and click on the links page. Rorschach's journal is the first link listed, with the text 'Viral pitch to Warner Bros./Zack Snyder regarding forthcoming 'Watchmen' film.' Notice: 'Viral pitch TO ...' sounds like someone is doing this on their own and just hoping Warner Bros. notices and decides to adopt it. Plus an official viral campaign wouldn't be this sloppy." Hmph!


According to MTV, actor Michael Jai White (known to many as the original cinematic Al Simmons in the "Spawn" motion picture) has edged out rapper David Banner to take on the role of the criminal Gamble in the sequel. According to producers, Gamble is the head of one of the competing gangs trying to fill the void in Gotham's criminal underworld since the demise of Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkinson) in "Begins."


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