Transformers, TMNT, Witchblade: July 21st Comic Reel Wrap


IGN's FilmForce (do they have uniforms? Special vehicles? Action figures? Inquiring minds ...) caught some of the Hasbro Transformers panel in San Diego, and they touched on what's happening with Michael Bay's production. Toy designer Aaron Archer said the movie "has a lot of heart; very cool ... the movie stands alone at this point" and outside of other shows and continuities. He also said that changes made to characters are "nothing to worry about. "I think they're new interpretations." Moreover, it was stated that voice actor Peter Cullen, who played Optimus Prime on the animated series, is still seriously being considered by the filmmakers to take the role to the big screen (again).


According to Sci Fi Wire, Andrew Cosby, creator of the upcoming SCI FI original series "Eureka," talked about adapting the Dark Horse comic he wrote. It's at Paramount, where [he and co-screenwriter Jaime Paglia] are about to start on the script right now," Cosby said. "We had to put the script off a little bit to finish the series, and the minute we're done with [the first season], that's the project I'm jumping into, probably in a couple of weeks."


The first trailer is now online at Apple Computers, and you can check out a poster and four character design images seen in San Diego at ComingSoon.net. CBR Has their own href="https://www.comicbookresources.com/news/newsitem.cgi?id=7909" target="_blank">report from San Diego.


Right here at CBR, we're proud to present trailers for the Japanese anime programs featuring the Top Cow properties. Mmm, video files ...


Michael Grabois wrote in to point out this blog entry about Dynamic Music Partners (veterans of Teen Titans and Justice League) coming on board for this new animated series.


Actor Doug Jones played coy when asked if he was taking stellar surfing lessons, as quoted by Superhero Hype. While he did give a "no comment" at first, he would confirm that he's not planning to don a green-screen suit or doing motion capture for any movie in the future. On the other hand, he was wearing a shiny silver shirt and said that he really liked that color and that he has a whole outfit of that color picked out and is just waiting for his "credit card to be approved."


Speaking of Superhero Hype, they have a description of the footage shown in San Diego.


Kryptonsite has a fresh spoiler -- the title of this season's fifth episode.


Superhero Hype was all over the 'con -- they have a description of a video blog showing just how Bruce Campbell "defeats" Ol' Web Head ... sort of ...

The question everyone is asking is "will there be a 'Spider-Man 4?'" An article at USA Today looks at just such a possibility. "We've done an amazing job at keeping things fresh," [actor Tobey] Maguire tells USA TODAY. But, he adds, "it's hard to imagine continuously coming up with stories that deserve to be told. I'm not sure if there are more stories for this character that are interesting enough to be excited about doing more."

"We don't have a book we're adapting, like a Lord of the Rings," said "Spider-Man" producer Laura Ziskin. "It's open-ended. But this could be the last. We've never started on the next movie while we were working on the current one."


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