Transformers, Thor, King Conan, Superman: The Comic Reel Wrap for December 14


Loquacious producer Don Murphy is at it again on his message boards, hinting that the upcoming movie may just be the first of a trilogy of movies featuring the mechanoids. Murphy was also interviewed by TFormers.com, where he said that vehicle modes from Hasbro's "Transformers: Alternators" toy line could very well appear, they will not be targeting a kid audience, Cybertron will be seen, Transformers' origin will be explored and that Steven Spielberg knows the TFs mythology "stone cold perfectly."


Eddie at IESB wrote in to tell us about a video interview with Marvel movie guru Avi Arad, who confirmed that "Blade: Trinity" writer/director David Goyer would bring the God of Thunder to the big screen. A reporter at FilmForce caught up with Goyer himself, and reported that he was legitimately surprised to hear that Arad said he was scripting it. As far as Goyer knew, the deal was still only in the works. Goyer allegedly added that he hopes to direct the film, which is set-up at Sony Pictures. He also supposedly downplayed the notion that rumored contender Triple H -- who appears in 'Blade: Trinity' -- would portray Thor, saying he didn't think the wrestler-actor might be all that interested in it.


Speaking of the grappler, IESB caught Triple H, who admitted to having read some script treatments for a proposed sequel to the popular original "Conan" films, which starred Arnold Schwartzenegger, according to this video interview.


Moviehole talked to Alec Gillis, the creature effects guru on "Alien vs. Predator," who's gearing up to work on the Bryan Singer-helmed DC adaptation. "We're working on Superman.' I'm not going out of the country for it; we're doing costume component, so of like what we did on 'Spider-Man' 1 and 2." Regarding the costume, Gillis said, "I think that, without spilling anyone's beans, fans of the comic book will not be disappointed."


Everybody's talking about Jennifer Garner's star turn as a ninja assassin, even the UK publication The Sun which has a new QuickTime featurette about the upcoming action film.


Speaking of things to look at, Warner Brothers has made the new trailer available.


Eddie emailed us to let us know that IESB has twelve video clips from the recently released David Goyer-helmed Marvel adaptation. As well, they have an interview with Ryan Reynolds (Windows Media Player required) about the film and the possibility of him taking on the role of The Flash.


Superhero Hype has a photograph of the FF standee that's popping up in theatres nationwide.


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