Transformers, The Spirit, Superman, Magneto: The Comic Reel Wrap for April 6th


Variety has an article (subscription required) on blockbuster director Michael Bay being interested in bringing the Cybertronian mechanoids to celluloid life. Depending on how you read it, either he's just interested, or he's been confirmed -- Sci Fi Wire looked at the piece and called it a done deal, while Superhero Hype claims that talks are still under way. You be the judge ... because there's clearly more than meets the eye (it was just too easy, you'd have done it too).


Speaking of Variety, they also note that "Comicbook scribe Jeph Loeb has been tapped to pen a bigscreen version of 'The Spirit,' based on the hero created in 1940 by Will Eisner, for Odd Lot Entertainment and Batfilm Prods."


Faithful Aussie reader Steve Younis wrote in to point out the story at the Superman Homepage talking about some spoilers that director Bryan Singer discussed on Australian breakfast show "Sunrise" about photos of a crashed star-shaped spaceship. There's a small video (8 MB in glorious QuickTime) of the whole thing as well, if you must know what's up.


Legendary thespian Sir Ian McKellen is quoted at IMDB talking about his future as the master of magnetism. According to the site, he "fears he won't be asked to resume his role as Magneto in the spin-off X-Men movie about the comic book character -- because he's too old ... He explains, 'I have heard of a story being developed. A 'Magneto' spin-off would probably be about his early life and therefore might not need my participation. We'll see.'" The good news is that he does plan to return for "X-Men 3." Thanks to Harris Publications' Dave Gallaher for the heads up on that.


Speaking of the mutant-themed sequel, Variety (subscription still required) reports that "Famke Janssen has signed a deal to return for 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment's 'X-Men 3,' to be directed by Matthew Vaughn."


Variety is busy today -- the trade reports that Universal Pictures has acquired screen rights to Top Cow-published comicbook series "Proximity Effect" and will develop a feature. Stephen Sommers and Bob Ducsay will produce via their U-based shingle the Sommers Co. Jason Rothenberg ("Surrogate") will write the script.


Finally, somebody else showed up at work -- Dark Horizons caught a bit from Total Film where British actor Simon Pegg had this to say: "I had lunch with the producer Lloyd Levin and I said I'd like to do it. It was blown out of proportion and became 'Simon Pegg IS Rorschach.' But no, I'm certainly not doing anything."


Comics Continuum has some quotes from actor Michael Clarke Duncan about working on the hit movie. "This is the ultimate prize to play this guy," Duncan said. "I was a fan of Frank Miller's from a long time ago." He described his character Manute as "a no-nonsense type of guy ... If this were 'Daredevil,' he'd be Kingpin's bodyguard." They also update the weekend's box office take at $29.1 million.


It's prom time in Kansas' weirdest town, and if you can handle the spoiler, look at who Clark's taking to the prom, thanks to those wacky kids at Kryptonsite. They also have the official network description of upcoming episode "Onyx" from TV Guide. Finally, with a few more spoilers (lot of them today), they have a press release about the band Lifehouse making an appearance on the April 20th prom-themed episode "Spirit." Alert fans will recall Lifehouse's "Everything" was played before the spring dance Lana missed with Whitney, the day of the big tornado.


Toon Zone notes that the Canadian-premiering 19th episode of the series will be called "Meltdown," and premiere this Sunday on Canada's Teletoon, with no US airdates announced.


IESB has what looks like a new poster for the upcoming DC adaptation, and an interview with the lead producer of the video game,reid Schneider, who talks about some of the real and digital Batman's fighting style.


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