Transformers, The Batman, X-Men 3, Superman Returns: April 20th Comic Reel Wrap


According to his website, Chad Sterling Frey has joined the Art Department of DreamWorks production, with principal photography starting this summer. Meanwhile, Dark Horizons notes "Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, New Mexico (right near 'White Sands') looks to be a major location for the upcoming film."


There's more spoiler-esque screen captures from the season finale over at the Legions of Gotham message boards, showing the "ultimate criminal mastermind."


According to Superhero Hype, Fox will air a 7-minute preview of "X-Men: The Last Stand" on Thursday, May 11 from 8:30-8:37pm ET/PT! The preview airs right before the series finale of "That '70s Show," which is on from 8:37-10:00pm ET/PT. In other news, there's tons of coverage in Score magazine spotlighting everybody's favorite Canucklehead. But it's all in French.


In case you missed it, we did a mid-afternoon update on yesterday's Comic Reel Wrap with three new photos Warner Brothers emailed to media outlets yesterday.


Actor Josh Lucas told MTV that he might have you to thank for his next paycheck. The article said, "It may happen ... after months of support for an actor fans have deemed perfect for a role in the upcoming "Batman Begins" sequel. "I had heard that, when I was doing press on 'Glory Road,' " Josh Lucas said of rumors he would play District Attorney Harvey Dent (and eventual villain Two-Face) in the superhero sequel. "Some of the people started asking about that, and [back] then I didn't know anything about it. I went and talked to Warner Bros. about it, because they're making it, and obviously I would love to do it. I think it's a great character. I like that someone could go from being bad to good and back and forth and light and dark, but also I think [series director Christopher Nolan] did an amazing job. And Christian Bale did an amazing job too. Christian and I did 'American Psycho' together, so it'd be like a reunion of sorts."


Moviehole has an interview with actor John Schneider, who talks about his diminished role on the show. "YouÕd find a lot of similarities between Jonathan Kent and John Schneider," he said. "They had fun on 'Smallville,' and I have fun with my kids as well -- I think you need to play with them, as much as you correct them. But, IÕm a parent; IÕm not a pal."


CBR wants to know which summer super hero flick you're most looking forward to. Is it "X-Men: The Last Stand" or "Superman Returns?" Cast your vote here.


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