Transformers, Superman Returns, Stardust, Spider-Man 3: May 11th Comic Reel Wrap


IESB has a video interview (in both Windows Media and glorious QuickTime) with actor Jon Voight, who enjoyed a "supervised visitation" with the script and confirmed that he would be playing the Secretary of Defense.


You look like the sort of person who loves a good set of spoilers. Sort of like, say, the ones you can find in the first chapter of the film's novelization, written by comics legend Marv Wolfman. There's also a note over at Wizard's website about director Bryan Singer saying story trumps effects. "If the story and the characters arenÕt working," Singer said, "no one gives a s--t about how big the action is."


You can find new photos of the production both at People Magazine and at this blog. Thanks to KevinBe for the heads up on those.


Actress Brenna Roth talks about filming a scene in the Marvel sequel. "Without giving too much away about the plot, I'll tell you about my favorite scene I did in 'Spider-Man 3'" she told Action Figure Dot Com. "It took 9 days to shoot a chase scene between Spidey and Sandman. Sandman appears on top of a Brinks (bank) truck, and busts thru the top to take control of the truck. As Spidey tries to stop him, Sandman begins to "bleed" sand out into the cab of the truck, filling it and forcing down the gas pedal. The truck begins to accelerate and crashes into several other cars. At the end of the Street there is a Garbage truck that Sandman crashes into, sending the brinks truck flying upside down across the street. All along the way, Spidey is shooting webs and saving people from the destruction. As Sandman crashes, Spidey leaps off the top of the truck and makes his exit, where he then runs into me, on a bus. The rest you will have to wait for!"


You can see a clip from the series finale at Cartoon Network while the Seattle Post Intelligencer has a feature about the show's run.


In yet another online tour de force, there's now an online Cure Summit which takes the "discussion" about removing mutant powers to the public.

Meanwhile, Comics Continuum has quotes from actress Famke Janssen about how her character develops in this film. "It's like a soap opera, I came back," she said. "The funniest part was that when we were shooting, we had a lot of people from the press coming and they wanted to keep it a secret that I was back, so every single time anybody from the press would come over, they would shove me in a closets or in anywhere the hallway, so they wouldn't give it away. All of a sudden, I was driving in L.A. and I saw these massive billboards with my character on them. And I thought, 'I guess it's OK to talk about it.' Before, I wasn't allowed to say anything."

Finally the XVerse has three new photos of Halle Berry as Storm.


IESB has a video interview (Windows Media and QuickTime) with actor Michael Rosenbaum, discussed what fans can expect in tonight's season finale.


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