Transformers, Superman Returns, Blade, X-Men 3: March 28th Comic Reel Wrap


The rumor mill has been quiet, and nature abhors a vacuum ... so the latest dirt has "Constantine" co-star Shia LeBeouf starring as the teenaged sidekick to the Robots in Disguise. The link also lists characters allegedly slated for the film as well.


The unofficial fan site for actor Brandon Routh has two new photos of the man in action as the Man of Steel. Meanwhile, composer John Ottman has a note on his website saying that the film's score will be released on June 27th. Finally, director Bryan Singer talked to TV Guide about the film, saying, "I have a cut of the film that I like. I'm now trimming it and completing the 1,500-plus visual effects."


According to Superhero Hype, "the upcoming Spike TV original production inspired by Marvel's popular superhero, the immortal lead character will ride a motorcycle from Harley-Davidson."


The network has posted the for upcoming episode "Hypnotic" in QuickTime format.


XMenfilms.net has a note about Peter Jackson's WETA Digital F/X company, working on "a few hundred [F/X] shots for 'X-Men 3.'" They also note that the next trailer for the film will probably be attached to "Mission: Impossible 3." The director Brett Ratner has posted some behind-the-scenes photos of himself directing some of the cast members on his website.


Superhero Hype also has a tidbit about a new film from Dark Horse Comics' film-making arm, a superhero-themed send up of the old serial films.


Actress Elizabeth Banks talked to MTV about playing the also-ran Betty Brant. "I do definitely sort of explore a little bit more of my relationship with Peter Parker," said Banks. "I learned my lesson a long time ago that you never comment on how big your part is going to be in movies because you can always be cut out." Oh, and there's new set pictures too.


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